Thank You, Living Seas CMs!!

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    Apr 5, 2002
    A huge THANK YOU to several CMs at the Living Seas who turned a big disappointment into incredible Disney magic!

    Several months ago I reserved a spot on the Dolphins in Depth tour for Monday, 11/11. What I didn't know (and obviously CRO was clueless about also) was that the tour was cancelled on this date. Never got a call or notification from anyone until the day of the tour.

    Jane Davis (hope I have the last name right) -- Manager of Animal Programs at LS did a wonderful job of arranging some magic for my DW and me. Thank you, Jane, for your extra efforts to make up for CRO's goof.

    Super thank yous to John -- one of the CMs. John helped us find people we needed to talk to and gave us some wonderful pin trading/collecting advice. He ought to start his own pin trading seminar at Epcot!

    A hearty handshake and a big pat on the back to Scooter for his very entertaining and informative demonstration/talk about how LS feeds our aquatic friends. Scooter -- you da man!!

    Last, but by no means least, a ton of pixie dust and a huge hug to Kelli who took time to conduct a "behind the scenes" tour of LS for my DW and me. Kelli showed us the labs and kitchen area, explained how they care for everyone, introduced us to Bob & Ranier (the dolphins) as well as Forest and Pine (manatees). We watched another CM feed the sharks and got to visit the DID area on the 3rd floor of the exhibit.

    Thank you, Living Seas team, for turning what started out as a big disappointment into a super magical day!!

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