Tell me the wonderful things about cruising alone. Tell me the horrible things about cruising alone.


May 9, 2010
I get that. That sounds like DH and I. I'm supposed to go on a trip with friends next year and although I absolutely want to do this trip, I'm still hesitant and I wonder how being away from my husband for six days is gonna feel. Over the last 11 years, the longest we've been apart was 48h.
My DH and I will hit 25 years in a few months. I often travel by myself and have been away as long as 16 days. (I can't do much more than that, or he'll run out of underwear. :rolleyes1) I enjoy traveling too much to give it up, and he's not willing/able to take that much time off at once, so I go. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. :love:

Enjoy your trip; he'll be there when you get back.


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Aug 22, 2013
I feel about the same.
I'd rather be more days at sea than being on a higher end cruise. That said, I'd never cruise Carnival or similar cruises where there's lots of drunks and rowdiness going around. The easy going, family-oriented vibe you get at DCL is what attracts me to it, I hope I find a cruise line that is a good fit when I start cruising solo by the end of the year.
You don't have to cruise with Carnival by any mean but, just so you know... My experience after 5 cruises with Carnival is that it's "fake news". Especially when you pick 6 days + cruises... That being said, 3/5 of my cruises were 4 nights and even though they were shorter cruises, they were super quiet with well behaved people.


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Aug 22, 2013
My DH and I will hit 25 years in a few months. I often travel by myself and have been away as long as 16 days. (I can't do much more than that, or he'll run out of underwear. :rolleyes1) I enjoy traveling too much to give it up, and he's not willing/able to take that much time off at once, so I go. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. :love:

Enjoy your trip; he'll be there when you get back.
Oh, Shoot! I'll have to do laundry before I leave.
  • YoDisney

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    May 3, 2018
    just wanted to comment that solo travelling can be/is great, the only con i see for solo cruising is the COST because you are paying for the room all by yourself (unless it was a very generous gift). Solo eating can be no fun either because you don't get to share/taste many & various dishes without getting full quick.

    other than those 2 'cons' i cannot wait to solo cruise on DCL--price (and my pets) is holding me back.


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    Apr 8, 2014
    I’ve never done a cruise solo but would in a minute. I have done other trips solo or gone out at night on my own when my husband just wanted to stay in.

    But I’m very social. So I’m the type to go into a bar, sit at the bar and start chatting. I can eat alone very easily but prefer to meet new people. I’m good on solo excursions again because I’m a Chatty Cathy and talk randomly. Or I’m happy to walk around on my own. I like to dance and would definitely join and have joined other women dancing. If you’re not happy in your own skin then I don’t think any kind of solo travel would work well.


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    Mar 15, 2011
    I would echo a lot of the things that have been said in terms of the pros and cons.

    I have dined alone, and dined with others. On one of the cruises, I was at a mixed table (solos, couples, etc) and met a mother daughter combo. We have done 5 cruises together since. I am from Canada and them the US, we’ve met up on a Disney ship every year since meeting. We have two more upcoming. So, you never know the connections you can make!
  • Simba's Mom

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    Aug 26, 1999
    I've thought of cruising solo lots of times. I go to WDW solo lots of times (I probably have done over 20 solo trips so far). Also, DH has no desire to take a cruise, ever, so I know that if I'm going to take a cruise, it will be solo. However, I just can't get past the paying double for the entire cruise. At WDW, yes, the room costs the same whether you have one or two people, but I don't pay double for food, for theme park tickets. Couldn't cruises figure out a way to charge less than double-after all, the food is only single servings.

    Lisa F

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    Feb 22, 2000
    I have been married for 33 years now, so we do pretty much everything together. Having said that, on our last cruise, he was sick on our very first night so I got the taste of "being solo". I thought it would be nice after the show, to walk outside on deck to see the ocean. I have to tell you, I hated it. I hated being all alone. I couldn't wait to get back to the room, even if he was sick. So, as previous posters have said, how do you feel all by yourself? Do you see yourself enjoying it, or do you need your friends/spouse to be with you to enjoy the experience?
    this is a different situation where you go on a vacation with someone you love and they end up sick than taking a solo vacation.

    Expectations are a big part of how you experience life - you expected to have a romantic trip with your husband and it wasn't that so it's hardly a surprise that you did not have a good time with it.

    That said, the ideal of a solo getaway sounds good to me (and I am in a long term committed relationship but also have a child) but I think 3 nights would be enough for me and then I'd want to be around my people again. 7 nights sounds like.


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    Jun 18, 2013
    I travel solo a few times a year for business (not cruising, though), and try to schedule a little extra time in a region if I haven't been there previously to sightsee. I have to admit, although I love and appreciate the "alone time" in the hotel & even during meals, I find that if I have extra time to "see the sights" that I really miss having someone that I care about there to share that experience with. I miss the "Wow, isn't that beautiful?.... The architecture is absolutely amazing!....I wonder how they built that.........What do you think it would have been like when....This reminds me of when we did xxxxx....."


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    Feb 23, 2003
    I am contemplating a solo cruise in Nov. on the Magic out of NYC for 7 nights. Alone. I am just concerned I will be bored after 2 days.
    Have you decided yet? I've done 8/12 of my Disney cruises solo and love it. One of my favorites was the 8-night Bahamas itinerary out of NY. Four sea days was a lot, but I enjoyed the ship and the movie theater and other activities like trivia during the day.
    IMO, there is only one major negative: The price. Cost of a DCL solo cruise is almost 2x (more than that on lesser quality lines) as other cruises with same length, and similar POC's

    So I'll keep reading here but I'm wondering:
    - Why do solo cruisers prefer DCL to others that are way cheaper and similar in voyages, entertainment, food, etc?
    Yes, I agree that the price is the one major negative. But I cruise because it's Disney, not necessarily because it's a cruise. I love the Disney details of the ships themselves, the Disney entertainment, and the fact that it's family friendly since that's the type of environment I enjoy even as a solo traveler. But I'm also a DVC member who primarily goes to WDW and other Disney parks and resorts when traveling.
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    Jul 19, 2019
    My first ever cruise was solo (not Disney). It was a week in Alaska and I absolutely loved it.
    I spent a ton of money on excursions, and there was only one time when I felt a bit lonely, on a train excursion.
    Dinners were fine, I did seated dining and in hindsight it felt like perhaps a misfits table. Next time I'd probably ask for a table to myself, and bring a book. Since I gave up alcohol I find it that little bit harder to make small talk :-)
    I did spring for a balcony cabin so I could have alone-time outside but I'd probably not do that again for the extra cost. Plenty of places outside the cabin to hang out.
    I personally freak out having to find a table by myself in a buffet or food court situation, but that's just me :-). I just avoided the buffet at crowded times and got room service instead.


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    Aug 20, 2008
    So here I am... a few years ago on a DCl cruise and in visiting one of my DISmeets friends staterooms cabin when suddenly her adult daughter stands up.... looks me up and down and says, "I have a question to ask you."
    I looked directly at her and without missing a beat replied, "What? You going to ask me if I'm Gay?"

    She blushed, looked down and said sheepishly with a nod YES.

    and that is one of the two most common reactions I get when I go on a Disney vacation: Am I gay or Am I a Perv?

    My reaction?
    Dont get it, Dont understand it and Dont care -8-)

    I am in the Hospitality industry and enjoy what I do for a living as it feels very nice to relax, unwind and enjoy being a Kid again for a while on vacation......vacationing seeing new places, new faces, enjoying new foods, etc before I have to be "onstage" again back at work. To me, its not really either or......I enjoy a mixture of alone time as well as conversing with others for a while.......thats how for example I met one of the Piano players on the Wonder a few years ago. and we still converse today via FB. - So as long as you dont mind "those ocassional 2nd looks" from others or possibly strange looks from others who behaviorally question why is a single person on a DISney vacation and 1) not married, 2) not with kids, etc etc etc then you will do fine by yourself.

    P.S.S. Besides...... have I got stories to tell from over the years being a Solo traveler and loving every minute of it and I aint tellin......yet - wink wink nudge nudge.:laughing:

    CHEERS Y'ALL:wave2:
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    Jun 21, 2002
    Thanks for the input. I think I am going to book something. I was waiting for the 2020 itinerary to come out, and sadly, there is no NYC to Bahamas. I may splurge and take a last minute trip this year.


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