tell me about your 5-6yo's first ToT ride


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Aug 25, 1999
My daughter did Splash, BTMR and Test Track (2x on Splash and TT last time - loved Test Track the best). She wasn't quite 5 - and will be 5 1/2 next time. Just wondering about your kid's experiences with ToT (and Space Mtn.). You can link me to a trip report if you have one and if you'd rather not write again. Thanks.

My DD (5) had mixed feelings! I think all in all she loved it. I don't think she ever expected the feeling or the drop. Since you can't really see what is going to happen. We are headed back soon and she says she wants to do it again! I think if your daughter is fine in dark places and doesn't mind a drop! then go for it! I swear though everytime DD goes on a "big" kid ride she comes out older! She uses words like awsome! Kewl, stuff she never usually says!

My DS first ride on ToT was a little iffy at first. The preride scared him so much he wasn't ready to ride CM noticed had told him she couldn't let him go if he was sad(on the verge of tears) she explained the ride it perked him up, he rode the ride and loved it and left saying it was like flying...he was 5 1/2. Our youngest 3 DD decided to ride this past October. She thought the preshow was scary but made it to the ride... after the ride she was ready to ride again....

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She turned 5 in January. She's a bit of an adrenaline junkie. She LOVED it. She rode BTM, Splash Mt. and ToT for the first time and had a blast. BTM is now her official favorite ride.

On ToT she was not scared in the least. We sat in the front row of the ride (to the right of the car as you face it). She liked the whole thing and wasn't scared in the least. We got off, went through the shop and she asked to ride again. So we did.

Now there was a teenager in the row across from us who did NOT enjoy it in the least. I think it all depends on how much of a thrill-seeker your child is. I think I'm in for an interesting parenting experience!

To quote my 6yr old nephew "This ride makes me SICK!" He was pretty scared (so was his 9yr old sister) from the drops and didn't want to admit it. He did however love BTMRR, Splash, Star Tours, Dinosaur etc. He was too little to ride Space Mt.
My 6 yo DS's words after we got off ToT: "Don't you EVER make me go on that again!!!!"

Depends on the child, though. He's definitely not what I'd call the daredevil type for rides (now if it involved him climbing on and jumping off something, that's a different story) - he was so glued to my side that we could barely see him in the picture at the end of the ride.


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Hold on to them! my 5 yo took flight on the ride and we cought him by his knees! He is very tall and thin and the bar hit our legs and not his!He thought it was part of the ride but DH said I almost began to cry after! :rolleyes:

ToT is my 5-year-old's favorite ride. The first trip (when he was 4) he almost backed out. He had watched the people disappear from the hotel's elevator in the pre-show video. Then when we got closer to boarding he kept seeing the people get on the elevator, but then it would return empty. After we explained the ride, he was ready! He loved it and rode three times in a row! (I was only up for one time. Thank goodness my husband's stomach was up to the task.)

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My son tried ToT when he was 5 1/2 and he did not like it. We are going again this summer and he will be 6 1/2 and he does not wish to experience it again. My son is the very cautious type. He couldn't predict what the ride was going to do, so it was too much for him to handle.

My daughter was 5 years and 2 months old last June and had already done BTMRR, Space Mt. and Splash Mt. when we went to MGM. She liked everything but Splash Mt. but only because she doesn't like getting wet. She was apprehensive about ToT, but she was smiling from ear to ear on it--you should have seen the picture (I remember it but I didn't buy it--she has a HUGE smile on her face and she is laughing). Because of baby swapping she went on it again right away with DH.
Now Dinosaur was another story. She went on it with DH and then would NOT go on it again with me and her older sister; T. Rex scared her pretty good.
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I may hesitate with Space can't sit with her as you are in individual cars in front of each other and it rather rough!
Having worried that my children might be too young for Disney I needn't have. Daughter No.1 Holly, a fearless 4 year old nutcase, insisted on trying out the 'one with all the threaming'. Luckily she is tall for her age and just scraped in 44". Once she went on she would not get out of the queue. Round and round we went until poor daddy got well and truely 'thick'.

It was great to get my own back on Countown to extinction which she was enjoying until the big one at the end with all the hot breath. Tee, hee. . .
It was mt 3.5 yr old's favorite thing. She still talks about it. I think it will even be scarier the 2 nd time I go on it.
CookieGVB --

I wonder what was scarier -- the ride itself or the language of the woman sitting behind us? Talk about non-Disney language!

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On his first trip, ds was 5-1/2 and didn't want to try it. The following year, he could hardly wait! However....he wasn't really expecting what the drops would feel like, and by the time we got off the ride, he had big ol' crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks! He tried so hard to be brave!

The amazing thing is, a couple of days later, he wanted to go again! He did, and loved it! He was even explaining to others in line how the first time he was afraid, but "decided to be brave and try again" and was so glad he did! :)


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My ds, who was five last year during our trip, loved ToT. It's one of the things he says he's doing again when we go back. I, on the other hand, thought we should be done after the first drop. I felt a little like a basketball.


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My DD loved it at 5, 6,& 7yo. She likes everything except, "It's tough to be a bug".

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