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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by meganbear, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. meganbear

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    Jan 25, 2004
    I just made PS at Le Cellier on May 12 for 4:45, do you think if we just order the cheese soup, bread sticks and then a dessert that we would be full enough? I know their steaks are supposed to be wonderful, but my DH and I want to try their cheese soup and a dessert and we don't want a huge bill at the end~~that pesky budget thing. :rolleyes: Oh yea, also what about their salads --are they good? I might order soup and a salad.

    Next question; I plan on being at the MK for two days, one day is dinner at LLT and the next day dinner at the CP. I know it's a buffet, and the kids have their own kid sized buffet, but can my nine year old still eat off the 'adult' part as well? He is a good eater and really doesn't like chicken strips and hot dogs.

    Also, since I haven't been to the MK for four years and we have never eaten at the CP, where is it located?

    Lastly, tell me your favorite things on the buffet?
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    I think you would be fine eating cheese soup, bread and maybe a salad. I'm not a salad person so I can't commet on that part.
    Crystal Palace is located around corner from casey and towards adventure land I think it is. It's the beautiful green house looking building on your left as you face castle on side path between tip board and casey's. I don't see why your kid can't eat off adult part my DH eats off kids part.
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    Aug 10, 2000
    our kids ate off the adults, it was kinda all together , kids
    just shorter near the end...
  4. sha_lyn

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    Jan 14, 2000
    Anyone can eat of off either part of the buffet. The kids selections are just geared toward most kids taste.

    CP is on mainstreet, the last building on the left as you approach the castle.
  5. grimp

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    Aug 21, 2003
    Look at the menu and pricing at to figure what it will cost you.

    If I had to make a choice about a splurge while on a budget, I would make the splurge LeCellier.

    One thing, is that they had a kids steak on the menu for around $10 that was really ununually large and very good for a kids menu. Ten of us (3 kids) went in Feb for lunch. I am not sure what the total bill was since my daughter handled it out of $ I gave her for granny/grampy funded meals, but I would guess it was over $200 plus tip, which was our most expensive family meal. All adults had the cheese soup which was grand; the bread sticks came with the meal, and they gladly brought more (The best bread was a tie between the pretzel and the multigrain, with the French being last). My wife and granddaughter had burgers and just love them (order the potato salad instead of the fries as you can get fries anywhere, but the potato salad was really grilled potatoes with onions and spices- really good, and unusual); I had the French dip which was very good; the three kids shared two kids steaks and had enough left over for a midnight snack; one son-in-law had the steak and loved it; one son-in-law had the beef tips and wanted to go back the next day. My daughters were at the other end of the table, so I missed what they had. I ordered a Cappicino Freeze as a drink, and while it was not thirst quenching, it was a delight (more a desert- highly recommended- I had a second since I shared with everyone near me). We also had Maple Cream Brulee for desert- just wonderful, but not a large serving. Considering what we ate, I think we got good value for our money. We all agreed that was the best meal we had at Disney and we worked at having good meals. After the children and grandchildren went home (after 7 days), my wife and I stayed a few extra days to wind down, and we went back to LeCellier. Everything was great again, but I tried an open faced steak sandwich which was good, but not as good as I would have liked. We will go again next trip.

    Crystal Palace lunch was the second best meal we had as a group. The kids pricing is just a break on your bill, but they eat whatever they want from any part of the buffet, and drinks are included in the price. They all liked what they had as did the adults. There was a good selection. The more unusual items were the Balsamic vegetable dish, the Chipolte butter which was good on several of the rolls, the steak with horseradish sauce (from my point of view). My wife raved about the pasta/chicken dish, but I just thought is was OK. One of my grandsons went back for a third helping of mashed potatoes. I did not have a desert, but noticed everyone else going back more than once; I had already filled my sweet tooth with the bananna bread and ginger bread. I remember my daughter telling me the bill was $159 including the 15% tip they added so I consider that a deal by Disney standards.

    You only live once so go for it.

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