Tell me about some good places to eat with a 5 yo


Oct 14, 2000
I know that staying onsite, we get PS at the podium showing our room cards for places on Citywalk, now we have to decide where to eat in the park, and out :) We have eaten at NASCAR and HRC(we will do that again as DD loves it). We haven't eaten in the park, so how about some good ideas for sitdown and counter! Thanks y'all :)


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Aug 20, 1999
I would try Animal Crackers at USF. They have stuff kids like. If you are at IOA, try Confscio's Grill for the character lunch of Circus McGurkus for the entertainment and colorful interior.


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Sep 7, 1999
I second the Confisco's suggestion and also like The Enchanted Oak in IOA. My son loved their kid's meal and thought the atmosphere was great.


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Jan 7, 2000
My kids loved Confiscos. We did the character lunch. But what was even better were the people walking around. They had Vivian the fortune teller. She cracked us up. And then I forget his name came over and had the kids play "Who wants to be an islandaire". They won $100.00 fake dollars. And I was their lifeline. Thank god I knew the answer. He asked questions about each island at IOA. We knew every answer. It was a lot of fun and kids food is traditional stuff. Grinch, Woody and Olive Oyle and Cat in the Hat were there. You can do a character dinner Fri. or Mon at Trattoria at the Portofino. that was good. Buffet or off the menu. Buffet was good for kids. Chicken fingers, pizza, mac and cheese. Pasta cooked to order. Desert bar was very good. Priced well for kids and about $17.95 for adults I think.


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Mar 24, 2000
They have Green Eggs and Ham in IOA! I don't know if she'd like it but if she read the book...maybe!

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Oct 14, 2000
Thanks I need to make a PS for Confisco's? And if I there a number? That sounds like a lot of fun...and Animal Crackers sounds good too!

We were at Green Eggs last year and she couldn't believe the eggs were green...she wouldn't touch them though :) DH said they were good! :)


Jul 17, 2000
If you are looking for a good place to eat at IOA you should try the Fantastic 4 Cafe. It has Pizza, salads and its a great place for the kids. Right next door to it, or actually its part of the resturaunt, is the Arcade. Its great to relax and have your kids use up some of the energy on the games. The prices are very affordable, actually they seem to be the most affordable throught all the theme parks!


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Mar 1, 2001
We are staying off USF grounds for the 2 days we will be visiting there, staying at our WDW resort rather than moving everything, and was wondering if it is still possible to get PS's for character meal at Confscio's Grill. Also what type of Restaurant is Circus McGurkus? Do you need PS's or is it just one you can walk in? I just need help learning about USF and IoA in General!

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