Tell me about Christmas


Apr 30, 2015
We will be there the 6th-13th staying at PBH for 4 nights and then heading to Tampa for some beach time before flying out of MCO since car rentals are insane for one way right now. We have 5 day, 3 park to park tickets through our school group and I am debating saving our final day for our way back out of town because it will be the first day for the Christmas festivities.
It would also mean going to the first day of Christmas festivities on Veteran's Day weekend on a Saturday and giving up a day of express pass on the front end.
I feel like 4 days with express passes will be plenty of time to see and do all we want to do at the beginning of our trip and we could just experience the Christmas stuff on the final night and then fly out early the next morning. But I also don't want to end our trip on a bad note with massive crowds.
Has anyone experienced the Christmas stuff and is it worth a revisit? Will we have trouble seeing and doing everything for crowds like some of Disney's events can get like?


DIS Veteran
Jul 14, 2009
We've been 3 times and love that time of year at UO. Since most of the festivities do not use EPs, I think you'll be fine without them. You can get a ton done with 4 days of EPs, especially on weekdays when most kids are in school.

From what I read above, it sounds like you might be paying full price for your room at PBH. If so, you could save a lot of money by upgrading at least one ticket to an Annual Pass. Take a look at

You might consider upgrading all of your tickets to APs if you think you might be able to make a second trip within a year. 5-day tickets are usually pretty close in price to a Seasonal AP.