Teen spa times?


Mom of a Disney Princess and Prince
Feb 21, 2000
I faintly remember from our DC in 2000 that there was time in the spa for teenagers. I can't locate my old navigators to confirm this. Does anyone rememeber this and if so, is it always there or only there depending on availability? I have a DD (17) would would really enjoy the spa this upcoming trip 3/02. Thanks.
We were on the 12-8 Magic and I think that the spa was "18 and over" only. I got the rainforest package for the entire week and I can tell you for sure there was no time in the rainforest room set aside for teens.


Actually there is teen time. It is from 8-8 on St Martin or St Thomas day (sorry don't remember which one). It is for a pedicure, manicaure and mini facial for $69. It is upon availibility. \
We are going this weekend and I am going to see if my girls can get in.
Please post what "teen" age is according to Disney. When we go again DD will be almost 14 so I'm hoping she can go. She really likes that kind of thing. Also is it going to be available on the Western cruise.:bounce: Thanks:p

What dates are you going on the Western? We are going May 25 and I have a dd the same age... would be nice to find her a friend.:jester:
Wish we were going with you but we are looking at a couple of years down the road. Just got back from our 1st cruise this June and we have other things we have to do the next 2 years so another cruise right now is out unless I hit the lottery!! Have fun on yours and think of us!:p


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