Teacher discount - do we qualify?



HI! We are going to disney in two weeks and I was just wondering who exactly qualifies for the teacher discount at the dolphin. My friend, who is going, is a Teaching Assistant for a college class. She gets paid, and she does actually teach her own discussion section for the class, as well as oversee all the other Teaching assistants. The question is, do we qualify for the discount? In my eyes, she is a teacher because she works in a classroom and grades just like any other teacher. Does anybody know if we will qualify? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)
I am not quite sure, but if you call the Swan/Dolphin hotel directly and ask for reservations they will be able to tell you
Does anybody else know about this??? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!
Yes, she qualifies. Just have her get a letter (on letterhead) signed by a superior that she is a teaching assistant. A pay stub would help too.

I teach software in private practice for myself, and when I explained this to the Swan/Dolphin they said as long as I teach, I qualify. I just got a letter from my clients on their letterhead and had them sign it, explaining what I do. As long as you teach, you're all set!
make sure you call 800 227-1500 during the day, to ask that question. I feel she does qualify too.
I asked if I could have the discount as a college instructor, and they said that was fine. I should bring a letter from my dean or department chair stating that I am an instructor. They also said the letter should be on school letterhead. The reservation agent mentioned that I might want to bring my pay stub just in case, but it shouldn't be a problem. Good luck to you!
Wow! I'm glad I read this thread!!!

I assumed that to qualify for the teachers discount you had to be a certified teacher! I am getting a job as a teachers assistant in September! while I go back to shool to finish my degree to become a teacher!!! now that I know that I would qualify (come september) for the discount, I just might be staying at the S/D sometime in the near future!!! they have been starting to intrigue me anyway!!!

can you book other type rooms, or just standard view.???


Laura :) :) :)
Just to let everybody know....
I called the dolphin tonight and spoke to them about the teacher's rate. Originally, when we booked this reservation in december, the girl I was going with was going to be substitute teaching and the dolphin told me that would be fine - not a problem - it would count. Well, she never got called to substitute teach, but we figured since she is a teaching assistant, it would not be a problem. I wanted to check with you guys to see what you thought and then call the dolphin just to verify that it would be ok. WELL, when I called the dolphin, I got a HORRIBLE cm that was so mean. She immediately said, "no, you have to be a certified teacher. No substitutes, no Teaching assistants. This is for certified teachers only". Well, I got a little upset and told her I never would have booked had I known that. I told her I wanted to speak to a group leader or supervisor about the situation. I spoke with the manager and told him that I had been ok'd in december (in regards to substitute teaching and Teaching assistants). I was very nice to him, but told him I was so upset to be hearing about this two weeks before I left. He told me he would honor it for now and that we needed a letter from the professor and a paystub and we would be fine, but it would NOT be ok in the future. He stated that the situation has gotten out of control and that people are taking advantage of the situation. He also said that they are also scheduling a meeting with the cm's about it and telling them to remind guests that the discount is ONLY for certified teachers. I just want to give people a head's up and let you guys know so that you don't have to go through what I went through. I have a feeling they are going to treat us awful when we get there - I tried not to make a stink, but it really did make me upset - especially since people who are substitutes have been getting this discount for awhile now. I just hope they don't hold this against us!!! I'm soooo worried now!!!! well, thanks for all your input - you guys have been so helpful!!!
now, we are leaving on saturday and have the teacher rate - my sister-in-law is a teacher - i told her to bring a paystub. Is that enough? I saw the words Certified Teacher pn this thread and how the S/D are getting strict on this, but how would they know if you are a teacher, janitor, secretary, etc if you just show a paystub?

please let me know so i can inform my sister in law if she needs to get addtl paperwork -

I have an ID and a letter from my director at the school. I am a preschool techer.....will that be enough? When I orginally called them a week and a half ago, they said that preschool teachers qualified.....should I be worried now?
Pan's Dad:

Ask your sister-in-law if it has her job title on the pay stub. My district has your job title right on the stub, "Teacher - Kindergarten." If it doesn't I would have her get a letter from district office on their letterhead stating she is a teacher in their district. I have shown my stub for many types of discounts and it is always enough.

amkr1971 - I think you should be very fine to get the discount. I don't think it matters what age you teach, just as long as you have proof you are in fact a teacher.
princess angel
These are the rates for all the rooms:

Government Rate/Teacher's Rate/Nurse(Based on availability)
Jan 16 -Apr 30, 2001
Club Level $245.00
Resort View w/ Balcony $174.00
Resort View $164.00
Lake View $154.00 Standard View $129.00

May 1 -Dec 22, 2001
Club Level $210.00
Resort View w/ Balcony $174.00
Resort View $164.00
Lake View $154.00
Standard View $129.00

amkr1971...I really feel that with what you have you should be all set.

Pan's dad...if she has an ID then I would just bring it along to save myself a little stress.

anyone else who is worrying about whether or not they qualify as teachers....remember, if you work for a public school, then you would qualify for the govt. discount.
He stated that the situation has gotten out of control and that people are taking advantage of the situation.
I'm SHOCKED! Shocked, I say!
(Apologies to Claude Raines)
I'm not at all shocked by it. Personally I figured this was going to happen. I also wonder why they are even giving discounts to teachers and nurses. Why not give them for other professions as well? I'm not saying both professions are not important to society, but there are many others that are equally important.

and I talked to Linda in reservations. I explained to her that I wanted to confirm that I definitely qualified for the teachers discount. I told her that I was a college instructor and did not have state K-12 certification. She said that I was still a teacher and that was all that mattered. That all I needed to do was bring a letter from my dean on college letterhead confirming the fact that I did actually teach. She consulted with her manager who confirmed that I did qualify. I was told that if I had any problems at check-in (in July), to give them her name and the date we talked and there should be no problems. I don't know if this is going to be a one by one consideration, but if you are concerned about your eligibility for this rate, definitely call. Hope this helps!

Disney bound 7/30/02
Well I am not at all surprised. When we went last april this was always the case. Certified teachers only or college level professors only. I had to bring a letter and show a paystub as our school system does not issue id's. At check in they asked for proof as well.
Linda was the person who actually took my reservation originally and told me I would not run into any problems - she was excellent. However, it was last night, when I called to just make sure everything was all set that things began to slowly fall apart. Although the manager said that I would be ok, it was still a rough situation. He told me things would change in the future. I guess it all depends on who you talk with there and what kind of mood they are in. Just make sure you take down the names of the people you spoke with and the dates you spoke with them. That way you have some back-up at check-in if anything goes wrong. They are not going to doubt you if you have proof of speaking with an actual individual about it - or at least I hope not. I'm just afraid this whole situation is going to haunt me through check-in and that they are not going to be as nice about possibly giving us a free upgrade. Just one more thing to worry about....
I had a feeling that this was too good to last. I've read so many questions on these board about who qualifies as a teacher. I think the answer is if you TEACH in a school, whether K-12 or college or maybe even if you just work in a school(public or private). Just about everone "teaches" something, no matter where you work or even if you stay at home. Many people seem to be trying to beat the system. It's funny though, almost every one has put a band aid on a skinned knee of their child; I wonder how many of this people are trying to get the Nurse's discount.
I do hope that they keep this discount. It is one of the few that is available to those of us who actually do teach. We can't go at off season rates. We always have to go when it's regular or peak season since we're TEACHING when the rates are discounted.
Sorry for venting but I really hope they do not take this discount away.


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