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    Mar 12, 2007
    OT- but I got the idea directly from you guys.

    I wrote an email to our elementary school principal describing my appreciation for the teacher of my youngest dd. My eldest also had her two years earlier. I cc'd the teacher as well. I spend Fridays with her correcting tests, inputting grades, and organizing the Friday folders for home. Of coarse, we were gone last Friday, so I wasn't there. Apparently, the principal felt the need to forward the letter to the superintendent and he visited her classroom on Friday. I hope the attention the letter garnered was all positive and a help, not a hindrance. That being said, I feel it was definitely a better teacher appreciation 'gift' than an apple coffee cup! Thanks!
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    Good for you! I'm sure the teacher appreciates being appreciated. :)
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    I was at a yard sale last week and bought a "teacher appreciation" gift that still had the tag on it from the student to her teacher. Maybe the teacher didn't appreciate it but I did :) At least your gift will never end up being resold.
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    Hoping everyone took it as a positive thing. However, it may cause some concern saying that you corrected papers and input grades. I think it's great that you help though. You never know how some may take it - especially the "higher ups". I volunteer a lot and my daughter's school too and wouldn't change a minute of it. I know the teachers need all the help they can get!!
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    What a very nice thing to do! As a teacher, I know I would have been thrilled with that bit of recognition so I hope your teacher was too. Since I work with my son's teachers and they know how much I appreciate them (admin included), I wanted to buy his two teachers gifts. I know the most appreciated gifts are things you can use in the room. So, I found cute clipboards (had zebra design on it with a big pad of to do paper that had hot pink writing) that I had seen in other places for over 20 bucks but these were from Bealls marked down to 6.99. They loved them and were already using them during post-planning. On a side note, my daughter's teacher has a baby on the way this summer so I wanted to buy on the personal side for her. I was able to find a GREAT sale and using coupons for pampers and wipes got them both for 2bucks and got a cute frame for pic of her new baby to add to her classroom next year. She was ecstatic to recieve this since it it is her 3rd child and no showers will be given. Gifts that are personal or readily needed are always the best - and this includes cards of thanks! ;)

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