Taxi to the store?


Earning My Ears
Mar 22, 2000
Can anyone tell me how much trouble and how much it would cost to get to the grocery store (I was thinking of Publix) and maybe Wal Mart from the GF? We are splitting our stay between the Poly concierge and the GF and are thinking we will need some breakfast items (milk, cereal, etc) for the second half of our stay at the GF. Since we are only going for 6 nights this trip (saving for that trip next June!), I'm trying to get by w/o car rental. We usually only use a car for a trip to get groceries and maybe the occasional Walmart or Sam's visit! But if the cost of transportation to/from the airport combined with a taxi trip would be as much as car rental, then I'll just go ahead and rent. Thanks for your help!

Well, a year ago we looked into the price of taking a taxi to the Florida Mall, and we were quoted a $50 price. Pretty steep.

How 'bout taking Tiffany Towncar and asking for their free grocery stop on the way from the airport? The Poly would probably hold your cold things for you until you moved to the GF. A bit cumbersome, huh?

Or, you could do a one-day rental through National, picking up the car at the Car Care Center or the Swan/Dolphin. Rent the car the night before. Check out of the Poly, load luggage in car, go shopping, check into GF, and return the car.

Hope something in this post helps. ;)
Yes, that does help. I had thought about renting the car for just a day or so...but I guess it will be just as easy to rent it for the whole time and have it from the airport. I know how Murphy's Law works...if we don't have it, we'll need it...and if we do have it, we won't! Thanks for your help!
If all you need is a few items (milk, juice and cereal, for instance), most of the hotel shops sell these. At least, I know the shop at WL does! Even if you have to pay inflated prices for the items, I suspect it might be cheaper overall than taking a cab to the grocery store. Plus it would be easier, and would take less time away from your vacation...

Just a thought.


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