Taxi from Universal to WDW?


Feb 9, 2000
I would guess it would cost a small fortune... but what is the CLOSEST WDW park from Hard Rock Hotel or Royal Pacific ? HOW MUCH do you think it would cost for a taxi round trip? I know about Mears shuttle, they really screwed things up last time... FORGOT to pick many people up at Wilderness Lodge, and then tried to lie and say they DID stop at hotel. ( Bellhop verified to the Mears "mngment" that they NEVER came to resort, since they are out there ALL day waiting on guests.) And then when they DID arrive,... they had so many stops... we got to WDW parks an HOUR and HALF later!!! We WERE PISSED , as was EVERYONE on the overcrowded van!!:confused: :( Anyway, sorry for ranting... how much is a taxi? Anyone know from experience?
We took a taxi last week and it was about $28 each way. But we also had to pay the parking fee. In hindsight, I'm thinking we should have had the taxi take us to one of the Disney resorts instead of to the T&TC. However, I didn't think the cost was too bad since it was for all 5 of us.
How much is the darn parking fee? (real nice, since they aren't PARKED at ALL!!) What a joke, how many customers a day pay a fee, when in reality... they just drop off and run!! - and then come back and do it again DAY and NITE ... THOUSANDS of guests a day!!! :confused:
Wow, taxis are expensive, plus parking, that's a new one.
Just rent the car for the week.
Then you go can anywhere, without waiting.
The parking fee was $6. I wondered if the taxi just kept our parking receipt and used it the rest of the day?
We didn't rent a car this trip since we were staying onsite at Universal the whole trip except for going over to Disney. With all the self-parking hassles that I had read about at the RP I was glad we didn't have that to deal with.


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