Taxi costs for ground transfers?


Jan 8, 2002
All these EXTREMELY helpful sites seem to be giving this first timer cruiser information overload. But the one thing I haven't seen (or either overlooked) is what taxi costs might be if we choose not to use Disney ground transfers. I've found several mentions of limos and other services. And if money were no object or if we were sharing those costs with another couple it might be worth it. But since it'll just be for me and my wife it looks like those services don't make sense financially.

The only reason we'll be using a taxi is because we'll be heading down a day early and won't be meeting the Disney representatives at the airport. We plan on just catching a cab from the airport hotel over to our Disney resort (land/sea package obviously.) From there on we plan on using Disney ground transfers though (they quoted us a price of $24 per transfer, per person.) $96 total for the remaining transfers.

I'm figuing a cab from an airport area hotel to Disneyworld should run us in the neighborhood of $25-$30 with tip. Is that about right? I just don't want the hassle of having to go back to the airport JUST to meet up with Disney's transfer service. Plus, I figure we can use the cab to stop by a convenience store and load up on drinks.

I'm also curious to see what the costs would be for taxis (or any other cheap alternatives) for the other transfers. Given what we've read so far we thought it MIGHT be worth it to transfer over to the ship early so we could board ASAP to get dinner and spa reservations.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi, Parrotheader. Welcome to the DIS boards.

According to the Orlando Airport web site (<a href="">link</a>), you can expect to pay $50 for a taxi from the airport to Walt Disney World. And I suspect you'd be on the clock while you stepped into a convenience store. The cost for a town car (when people are referring to limo's, they usually mean town cars... a nice, comfortable, financially competitive option compared to taxis) would be comparable... plus, they'll usually take you for a grocery stop for no charge.

You don't necessarily have to go back to the airport to get Disney transfers to the port. They have cruise shuttle buses from most of the Disney resorts. Check Barb's web site ( for more info about Disney transfers. Barb also has a discount coupon for Happy Limo if you choose to go the town car route.

I personally prefer to rent a car. I like the freedom and independence, and it's usually the most cost-effective option. You can rent a car at the airport and return it to a facility near the cruise terminal. Here is my summary of those options:
Thanks for the quick reply. And I did check out Barb's site already. I actually came across it via both Google and Epinions. Lots of good info.

If that's the cost on taxis that seems a bit pricey. Not horrible, but a bit steep for what should be a relatively quick 20 mile drive. And believe me, if we did stop at a convenience store I'd try to be in and out within two minutes ;)

I might look into rental car options although I didn't really plan on it since we'd only need it for the transfers (once I get to DW I don't plan on leaving since I know they're internal transportation facilities are great.) I guess I'd also have to factor in costs for parking the car at Port Canaveral for 3 days. According to Barb's site that's $7 per day.

Here's a stupid question . . . on your site you recommend Avis due to their facility at the Radisson. But what do you use to get back to the airport? Do you just use Disney transportation, another service, or just rent a car for the quick ride back to the airport?
I'd rent another car after the cruise. It seems a bit silly for a simple 47-mile drive, but it is your most cost-effective option. Also consider that with one-way rentals, you'll be returning the car at the Radisson... you won't have to pay the $7/day parking fee.


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