Tasty Planning Time with ZeBrook! A 2 for 1 PTR - 12/24 - All our bags are packed

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  1. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Jul 20, 2006
    Table of Contents

    NYE PTR Stuffs:
    - Welcome & Introductions
    - How "The Plans" got changed before they were even made
    - The Resort Dance
    - 199 Days and Counting!
    - Kidani, here we come!
    - Flights, ADRs and more
    - Ahhh! It's ADR Day!
    - Finally, some progress!
    - The Plan 1.0
    - Disney World circa 1985
    - Mail Call and a Hotel Change
    - 24 Days To Go, and 20 Things on the To Do List
    - Travel Sized Bliss
    - 16 To Do's, 18 Days!
    - To Do's and Park Touring Plans
    - Small Changes and a New Mickey
    - Single Digit Dancing!
    - I really should have known better...
    - A couple changes...
    - Suitcases and Social Networking
    - 4 days and 20 inches?!
    - All our bags are packed, we're ready to go

    September PTR Stuffs:
    - I have an Annual Pass burning a hole in my back pocket
    - The Plan
    - The Eats!
    - Value Flights and Value Resorts
    - Big 'ol changes. Surprised? Me neither.
    - The Plan 1.1
    - Shoes and News
    - Let's talk MUNCHIES!
    - Dollar Store Goodies
    - 50 Days
    - The Plan 1.2
    - Pre-Trip Report Randomness
    - The Rides
    - A Week of Mickey Mail
    - The Countdown Begins!
    - Three weeks from today, we'll be...
    - Pre-Trip Report Randomness...Part Deux!
    - Countdown update
    - ONE week from today!

    - Wishes & EVCs
    - Wishes - UPDATE!
    - A long drawn out post on ECVs, but I included pretty pictures at the end!
    - A Hidden Mickey in our bathroom
    - Leavin' on a jet plane
    - We are back!
    - New TR is UP!

    Non-PTR Stuffs:
    Mini-TR: Celebrating in Wisconsin Dells
    - Wisconsin Dells: The Waterpark Capital of the World
    - The World's Lamest Update
    - Continued from previous post (this time with real content :rolleyes1)
    - Henry and his hot date. Part One.
    - Henry and his hot date. Part Two.
    - Guess what Henry found? Part One.
    - Guess what Henry found? Part Two.
    - Guess what Henry found? Part Three.
    - Adventure Golf, where the biggest "adventure" is pushing your stroller up a hill
    - Seeing another side of the Dells. Part One.
    Seeing another side of the Dells. Part Two.
    Seeing another side of the Dells. Part Three.
    - Seeing another side of the Dells. Part Four.

    - A Birthday Surprise

    - Henry the Race Car Driver

  2. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Jul 20, 2006

    Welcome and thank you for joining in with me on this journey of planning! If you have a young child you may get my PTR Title...if not, click here and enjoy some "Tasty Time with ZeFronk!" It's a very fun short. ::yes::

    I am not a weiner dog or a chef, nor is my name Fronk...I am Brook. If you have read my TRs and followed me here, THANKS! Good to see you again! If you are new to my adventures, I'll tell you a bit about myself...

    That's me (at the Grand Floridian Tea! :lovestruc). I'm 29 years old, wife to


    And Momma to


    Joe and I are both techy geeks. I also enjoy the history of Walt Disney and think he was an incredible visonary who was beyond his time.

    We love most all types of rides from simple to the intensity of EE.

    My favorite thing about going to Disney World is seeing the magic of it unfold through my son's eyes.

    Henry (20 months) is a sincere lover of Playhouse Disney...Mickey Mouse Club, Handy Manny and the Choo-Choo Soul short top the list...despite me singing "ZeFronk" around the house ;) Trains and all mode of transportation intrigue my little motorhead! He is very into cars, "ba" (buses) and "trus, trus" (trucks).

    This will be our fourth trip to Disney World, number three for Henry. It is our second DVC trip, but our first one "HOME" to AKV!

    That is our clan...

    but wait!

    There is MORE!

    Who else could be going?

    My DMIL (Grammy), DFIL (Poppa) and DSIL (Auntie KK)!

    :yay: <--FYI...I really like this guy. You will probably see him often.

    Um...ya...so...where are the pictures of the in-laws??

    I've scoured my computer and Photobucket account for quite sometime looking for a decent picture of my in-laws and for some reason am coming up empty handed.

    I know they exist!

    I just don't know WHERE they exist! :rolleyes:

    So, I promise, when I am able to take a few decent shots and/or if I come across some, I will post and 'introduce' you to the fam.

    Who, by the way, are FANTASTIC. I love my in-laws!

    When we purchased DVC we had in mind to take family/friends every other year or so with us. We asked some very close friends of ours, but they cannot swing it this year-so we are looking at 2010 with them - but we still wanted to bring someone with us for this trip. Both Joe and I kept mentioning how fun it would be for Grammy to see Henry at the parks.

    So we asked...and YES! They are thrilled to come with! :yay:

    Up next: How "The Plans" got changed before they were even made.
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  4. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2008
    Hi Brook!
    I'm here, can't wait!!!:banana:
  5. troobabiee7

    troobabiee7 The core of man's spirit comes from new experience

    Jul 4, 2008
    Hey Brook! I can't wait to follow along :woohoo:
  6. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Jul 20, 2006

    You two are QUICK!
    Thanks for following along. :goodvibes
  7. BrooklynnsMommy

    BrooklynnsMommy DIS Veteran

    Sep 12, 2006
    Hey Brook! I'm here. We are very familiar with ZeFronk at my house as well as all the Playhouse Disney crew. Can't wait to hear all your plans for the trip and watch Henry continue to grow over the next 226 days!
  8. IluvXU

    IluvXU DIS Veteran

    Jan 22, 2005
    Brook- can't wait to hear all about this trip you are planning. I also want to say I think you are headed into my favorite age. I love two year olds, their wonder, their questions! I think the terrible twos aren't terrible at all (now at three- yikes!)
    It will be so fun to see how Henry reacts this trip. Plus this trip will come in the midst of the cold boring long winter... and long after our trip!
  9. thewesterberg

    thewesterberg DIS Veteran

    Jan 31, 2007
    Hey Brook! So glad you're doing another TR! (Just gotta catch up on the end of your other one!) Can't wait to hear all about your planning adventures!!
  10. shebaxric

    shebaxric Disaholic Since 1980!!!

    Feb 18, 2009
    I'm here Brook!! I'm ready for all the fun the PTR has to offer!:cool1:
  11. KristiMc

    KristiMc DIS Veteran

    Jun 27, 2005
    Looking forward to the PTR.
  12. moparop

    moparop DIS Veteran

    Apr 30, 2007
    I made it over here! Now, I'll be singing the Zefrank song every time I open your PTR - good stuff I tell you! :up: My kids love that show, Liam says... "look the cooking!"

    We did a trip last summer with my parents and it was such an awesome week. How fun to share it with the ILs!
  13. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Jul 20, 2006
    Hi Jill! Thanks for joining in!
    Thank you as well for sending Erica my way about the Photopass! :thumbsup2

    I also highly enjoy "Can you teach my alligator manners?" and the Happy Monster Band has some very catchy tunes.

    That is so wonderful to hear about the age 2! Lately Henry has been FUSSY. Sometimes it seems he gets upset that he wants something but can't tell us what it is. And other times, I think he knows, but just plain refuses to tell us. He's getting better though as he learns more words and as we encourage him to "use your words please". I do like sharing in the wonder with him, it's so sweet!

    I don't think I'm subscribed to your PTR! :eek: I really thought I was. Fixing that right now! :sad2:

    Hiya! Thanks for joining in! :goodvibes

    That is so cute, "look the cooking!" :cutie: ZeFronk is a very fun weiner dog.

    I'm really excited about taking our in-laws, the are newbies!
  14. wickesy

    wickesy <font color=royalblue>Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love y

    Apr 2, 2006
    Hi Brook,

    Still following you from 'across the pond'. Looking forward to reading all about your plans for your next trip. :goodvibes
  15. Vexorg

    Vexorg DIS Veteran

    Jan 8, 2006
    Looks like I actually managed to catch this one before it got 27 pages in.
  16. k_reile

    k_reile Slowly converting my son into a Disney lover!

    Jul 26, 2007
    I'm here...now I want your trip to hurry up and happen so I can go on mine! :goodvibes

    I do not know who ZeFronk is....yet anyways...I'm sure in time Caleb will let me know who they are all. I am now getting acquianted with Handy Manny and all of his tool friends according to my 2.5 yr old newphew!

    Oh and it took me a while to realize who "NYE" was...until I realized New Years Eve! :rotfl:

    Can't wait to hear how the trip with the inlaws go...I too :love: my inlaws! I am a very lucky girl who married into a wonderful family. My MIL keeps Caleb and my 3 yr old niece everyday!
  17. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna Sea days are just so relaxing!

    Sep 8, 2006
    Hi Brook, I am here! I am looking forward to reading about your plans.The trip with your in-laws sounds great! :goodvibes
  18. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2008
    I'm here!

    I just love that picture of you at the Grand Floridan Tea. So cute! :goodvibes

    I am so looking forward to your trip, I want to hit up Disney on all of the holidays someday so I can learn from you! :thumbsup2
  19. Mocharilla

    Mocharilla DIS Veteran

    Feb 4, 2008
    I'm in for more Henry-ventures!! :goodvibes
  20. kschafer

    kschafer DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2008
    4 hours and the second page already! Everyone wants to be a part of the fun including me, I'm in!
  21. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    Brook, I can't believe you are already at page two! I'm here to help ease the pain of your trip report ending. I can't wait! :yay:

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