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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm just back from a great vacation at Walt Disney World. I'm starting work on my trip report but I have finished the "Eating Around the World" portion of my report! I thought I would share them with you. These are also posted on the Restaurants Board so if the moderators wish to delete this and direct people there please do so! I just wanted to share something with the people whose many reports I have enjoyed over the last few months. I hope you enjoy reading them half as much as I enjoyed writing them. I'm off to do the rest of my trip report *smiles*


    Wolfgang Pucks Express ~ Downtown Disney ~ Lunch ~ November 2nd, 2000

    Looking for a light afternoon bite we happened upon Wolfgang Pucks Express. I chose the Tortilla Soup ($3.95US). It was a very flavourful thick tomato base and well spiced but not at all overdone. It was full of bits of very tender chicken and finished with a dollop of sour cream and crispy strips of tortilla. Paired with a Corona beer ($2.75US) it made for a perfect lunch.

    J. chose the BBQ Chicken Sub ($6.95). The warmed bun was a classic panini roll, dense and moist, filled with shredded chicken, a sweet BBQ sauce and topped with melted mozzarella cheese. J. gave it good reviews and found it to be quite a generous portion for lunch.

    The counter service was quick and friendly and the patio clean and shady.


    Ohana ~ Disney’s Polynesian Resort ~ Dinner ~ November 2nd, 2000

    This was our first real meal at Disney and I think that the euphoria we were experiencing at finally being in the World cast a rather rosy glow over what might have otherwise been a mediocre to possibly poor meal. We had a PS and were seated immediately at a beautiful table by the window. Our appetizers were brought and our server Eddie introduced himself and took our orders for drinks. Being in a Polynesian paradise we felt drinks with umbrellas were in order ($6.95US each). The Ohana Sweet Bread was quite nice, lighter than I expected and with a hint of banana flavour. The Pua'a Shumai were unlike any Shu Mei I have had. They tasted like a coarse pork meatball covered in a very thin pasta sheet and came swimming in a sweet and sour sauce, a bit heavy handed for my tastes. The Ohana greens were a pleasant surprise, a California mix of greens with a honey lime dressing. A lighter hand with the dressing would have made this one a real winner. We were expecting spring rolls but they seemed to have been replaced this evening with dish of somewhat flavourless chicken wings. The highlight of this assortment had to be the spicy slaw, crispy and bursting with spices.

    Soon Eddie began to bring the grilled selections. We began with a bit of each of the meats starting with the mesquite steak. Very well done and somewhat dry, I believe I tasted a hint of balsamic vinegar which was really the only flavour this poor bit of meat had. The pork was tender although a bit cold and flavoured with rosemary. The shrimps were huge, unfortunately they had not picked up any flavour while grilling. The turkey however was quite good, moist and tender and more flavourful than the rest. We had reserved the rice and veggies from the appetizer tray to have will our meats. The rice was very basic and unadorned and the veggies did not fare well for standing. My preference would have been to have then fresh with the main course.

    After a little break we decided to try a bit more of the meats. Eddie returned about fifteen minutes later with the skewers. I must say this second round was superior by far to the first though. I believe Eddie must have been carrying that first batch around for some time and perhaps reheated them at some point, it was hard to believe these meats came from the same kitchen! Too bad I was too full to enjoy it! While Eddie was serving J. he dropped two large chunks of very juicy pork into J’s lap. He did not acknowledge this mishap at all other than to say ooops and laugh. J. was known and Porky Pants for the rest of the evening thanks to me and my sensitive response to the matter. *s*

    Eddie then came to offer the dessert menu and was clearly displeased when I enquired about the pineapple with caramel sauce rather than ordering a la carte. He promised he would be right back with it and hid his annoyance with an enormous phoney smile that was really quite alarming!

    The coconut races and hula hoop contests took place throughout our meal and were fun and not particularly obtrusive. A little more attention to detail and I think this restaurant could go from just acceptable to outstanding very easily. ($20.95 each)


    Cinderella’s Royal Table ~ Magic Kingdom ~ Breakfast ~ November 3rd 2000

    We had not originally planned to eat breakfast at the Castle but after reading all the rave reviews on the DIS it seemed to be a must do. I was very lucky and had no trouble at all getting a Priority Seating for 9:40am. We were seated by the window with no wait at all and were greeted almost immediately by our server Denise. She brought us lovely fresh orange juice, a plate of fresh melon pieces and a plate of baked good including very moist mini croissants and tiny danishes. We did feel a little odd at first as we thought we were the only couple there without children but we did spot two more couples before our meal was over. Aladdin, Esmerelda, Belle and Cinderella all stopped by to say hello, we didn’t keep them long though as it was more fun to watch them interacting with the children. Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, a very rich and creamy potato casserole, and the famous stuffed French toast. While the French toast did not resemble any French toast I had ever seen it was very tasty. Sinfully rich, I only managed two bites, but those two bites were quite memorable! All was yummy and the setting was beautiful. While we did enjoy the breakfast very much I think perhaps we might have enjoyed an evening meal more and felt perhaps more comfortable. We took a picture of our server Denise rather than the princesses! ($14.95US each)


    Restaurant Akershus ~ Epcot ~ Norway ~ Dinner ~ November 3rd, 2000

    I had heard good things about this restaurant and was really looking forward to trying it. It did not disappoint! The sun was just setting across the lagoon as we entered the restaurant, ahhhh. We had a Priority Seating and waited perhaps five minutes to be shown to our table. Our host told us a bit about his homeland as he seated as and introduced us to our server Lotta who then took us on a little tour of the buffet. We ordered the Ringes beer ($4.95 US each) and I must say it was the perfect compliment to the food, dry and crisp. I am not a beer connoisseur as you can probably tell so I will just say… yummy. The buffet was well laid out and there was no lining up or waiting that can put one off of some buffets. On to the food, the tomato salad was made from very fresh and tasty tomatoes and not overdressed, the cucumbers in the cucumber salad were crispy and thin and dressed in a lovely slightly sweet vinaigrette. The peel and eat shrimp were outstanding, as cold and crisp as they could be. The potato salad was finely chopped and dressed with another delicious vinaigrette. The smoked salmon was extremely tender and subtle and the gravlaks was flawlessly infused with dill. The meat salad was a most wonderful surprise, reminding me of the wiener salad my godmother used to buy when I was a child from her favourite German delicatessen. It is composed of various julienned meats in a rich creamy dressing, I thought I was in heaven until I tried the smoked mackerel. I would go back for this alone it was so good, moist and delicate. I was enjoying the cold portion of the meal so much I really skipped over most of the hot selections, although I did find room on my plate for one of the meatballs in gravy which was also outstanding.

    J. tried more of the items on the hot table. I tried a little bite of his venison stew as he was going on about how good it was and I was once again pleasantly surprised, it was so tender and rich. He also tried the special of the day which was a chicken dish and could not get over how they had managed to get such flavour throughout the meat. I can only assume the braised cabbage and potatoes were also exceptional as he went back for seconds.

    J. tried had the chocolate mousse for dessert ($5.95US) which is plated to resemble a Viking ship complete with raspberry coulis waves. Yet another success. I would have to rate this the best meal of our trip and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who enjoys this type of fare or is at least willing to give it a try. ($18.50US each) While I did not see any mention on the menu I know that they will provide alternate children’s meal if requested.


    Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre ~ Disney-MGM Studios ~ Lunch ~ November 4th, 2000

    I was the planner on this trip and had no intention of dining here as I had heard so many poor reviews. J. however, had seen the Sci-Fi in Birnbaums and was dying to try it, B film buff that he is, so I relented. Am I glad I did. Once again we had a priority seating although they did not seem to deal with the PS parties any differently than the walk in parties. We waited about twenty minutes for our car and were entertained by one of the wait staff doing magic tricks as we passed the time. We were lucky and got the front seat of a wonderfully sporty little number right in the centre of the drive in. I don’t think there is a bad seat in the place. Our server Diane appeared immediately and was very helpful in showing us around the menu. Once again my fondness for blue drinks was satisfied with something called a Beyond and Blue - This bright blue electric flavoured Liqueur drink combines Blue Curacao, rum, vodka, and sweet & sour mix ($5.5US). This was so exceptionally tart and tasty, not unlike those sour candies. Not for everyone, an acquired taste I am sure, but I loved it. *s* J. chose a chocolate milkshake ($3.95US) and as the other reviews indicate it was a thick, rich success.

    We both chose the burgers, J’s with American cheese and sautéed onions and mine with Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms ($10.95US). Fantastic, thick and juicy but not greasy, we both loved them and I am not even a burger fan!. The fries that accompanied the burgers were the old fashioned frozen crinkle type and while they were not gourmet, they were perfect in this campy setting.

    As we were eating I overheard a conversation that Diane was having with the family in our backseat. She told them that she had not seen the kitchen service so efficient since she had begun there six years ago and wanted to make sure everything had been cooked! It all was and everything was great. It sounds like the service has improved greatly at this establishment and if our experience was the norm I would not hesitate to recommend it. It is a cool, dark, quiet, campy little haven that is perfect for regrouping before getting back to the park.


    Food Quest – Cheesecake Factory Express – Disney Quest – Snack – November 4th, 2000

    As we were planning on spending a bit of the evening at Disney Quest I was anxious to try Food Quest at Disney Quest as I had heard so many good things about the Cheesecake Factory and we do no have them in Canada. It is probably a helpful thing to know if you are planning to eat while Questing that there are two separate services here. The Wonderland Café on the 4th floor serves mostly desserts and beverages while Food Quest on the 5th floor has more substantial offerings. Food Quest is divided into various sections spread around the floor including a Pizza-Pasta-Panini section, a Burgers-Dogs-Wraps section and a Soup-Salad-Sandwich section. They are all pretty close together so it’s not difficult to get things from different section but you do pay separately.

    I had been sampling many different Disney offerings preceding this visit so I just had a slice of cheese pizza ($2.95US). Thin pliable crust, sweet sauce and a nice amount of cheese. Not fancy but hot and good and just what I wanted. J. chose the Grilled Chicken Panini with sweet onion jam, watercress and rosemary garlic sauce ($5.95US). This one took a little time as the first one they prepared they then dropped on the floor. *s* I just tried a bite of this one, the bread was a bit like a thin foccacia and a tiny bit crumbly making it a bit difficult to keep the filling in the sandwich and not in your lap, but it was worth the effort. Very tasty and moist. It is not served with any accompaniments. We shared a small iced tea which was flavoured with I believe passion fruit ($1.55US). Seems like a good choice if battling all those comic book villains leaves you a little hungry. Oh, and for those who are wondering, Cheesecake Factory gift certificates are accepted at these this location.


    Spoodles ~ The Boardwalk ~ Brunch ~ November 6th, 2000

    This was another Disney restaurant that I had heard good things about and it lived up to it’s reputation. We had made a PS and once again were seated immediately. Khalid, our server, brought coffee and tea in great big bowl like mugs and we set off to the buffet. I tried to sample a bit of everything so I could come back and tell you all about it… oh, the sacrifices I make for my fellow DISers… the rolata consists of eggplant, peppers, mushrooms and other delicious Mediterranean veggies rolled phyllo like a strudel, very good. There were two frittatas offered, one veggie and one meat. The veggie was the frontrunner here, filled again with mushrooms, peppers and spinach which tasted as though they had been marinated and perhaps sautéed beforehand giving this dish a wonderful rich flavourful texture. The bacon was crisp and the little sausage patties a nice change from the ubiquitous links served elsewhere on property. I say any buffet that serves smoked salmon is okay by me, especially when properly accompanied by cream cheese, red onions and capers. Appetizing little bagels were on hand if one wished to reduce ones salmon eating capability with such things… *smile* Being from the North I had heard of biscuits with sausage gravy but never had an opportunity to try them until now. Very rich and thick, the biscuits were almost not required, this stuff can stand on its own! Literally! Yum! I also had a bit of the lovely fresh fruit salad just so the meal would not be a total tribute to protein.

    Things not tried but looking very yummy were the breakfast pizza, a thin crust strewn with bit of scrambled egg, ham and cheese, plain scrambled eggs, baked ham, creamy grits, roasted potatoes, bread pudding, mini waffles, various pastries and cereals.

    The cost of this breakfast buffet is comparable to most other on Disney property but I felt this one was the best value given the quality of the selections. The sunny décor and prompt service make this a place I will certainly return to on my next visit. ($12.50US each)


    Tusker House ~ Animal Kingdom ~ Breakfast ~ November 6th, 2000

    We had originally planned to pick up a quick muffin or Danish at the Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery as we waited for our fast passes for The safari to become valid. The line outside of the Kusafiri window was quite long and as J. was waiting I took a peek inside the Tusker House Restaurant that it is attached to. Inside I found it to be cool and quiet and while they seemed to serve all of the items that were available at the window outside the lines were considerably shorter so I grabbed J. and we looked at the Tusker House menu. I had originally been looking for a muffin but the breakfast sandwiches looked so appealing that I quickly changed my mind. I choose the croissant with cheese, ham and egg which was accompanied with breakfast potatoes (5.25.US). J. chose the biscuit with Canadian bacon and egg also with the breakfast potatoes ($4.75US) and a tea ($1.95US). My croissant was definitely the value here, a warm moist croissant filled with scrambled egg, melted cheese and a large slice of ham. J.’s biscuit was fine but tiny compared to my croissant for only thirty five cents more. One small biscuit with two tiny slices of ham (not Canadian bacon) and a small bit of egg. The breakfast potatoes where the shredded type hash browns with red pepper and onion. Very yummy.
    The inside eating area was lovely and cool, not crowded and clean with windows looking out onto the streets of Africa complete with laundry! We passed the outer patios in the back on our way out and almost wished that we had taken our breakfast out here, it was really pretty and beautifully themed, hugging the riverbank. The air conditioning inside was too much of a draw though as the day was heating up rather quickly.
    The ordering was a bit slow but once we had placed the order the food arrived quick and hot. I would recommend this one and suggest of you are looking for value go with the croissant sandwiches rather than the biscuits!

    Rainforest Café ~ Animal Kingdom ~ Lunch ~ November 6th, 2000

    Armed with an ample supply of gift certificates we decided to brave the poorly reviewed Rainforest Café at Animal Kingdom, priority seating arrangements in place as recommended. There was a little confusion after we reported to the elephant (!) but we were seated within about fifteen minutes of our arrival at a table for two near the centre of the room. I once again spotted a blue drink on the menu, unfortunately named a Waborita, and in the interest of scientific comparison I ordered one ($7.95US). *smile* Really tart and scrumptious. J. had a boring old Coors light.

    Perhaps it was our position in the room but I really was not overwhelmed with the décor. Perhaps days of Disney theaming had left me jaded, the fish were fun to watch though. I chose the Volcanic Cobb Salad, described as crisp greens, tender marinated chicken breast, bleu cheese, black olives, tomatoes, and chopped egg, rumbling with chopped bacon, tossed with Paradise Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing ($10.99US). J. chose a wrap filled with shredded beef and mojo barbeque sauce and added the wild waffle fries ($12.35US).

    Shortly thereafter a mountain was delivered to our table. Yes, it was my salad, it looked like something I would prepare for a family of four! I dug in though and was happy to find that it was not overdressed, possibly a little underdressed but with oodles of tender chicken. I thought at first that the blue cheese had been forgotten, but I did find one little lump just as I was about to admit defeat. Perhaps there was more over on the other side of the hill that I did not manage to explore. *smile* J.’s wrap looked pretty good, just jammed with beef although it didn’t try it myself. The waffle fries appeared more interesting than they tasted really. Adequate but not out of the ordinary.

    The service was prompt and the décor interesting, and I would probably go back if I had more gift certificates to use, but I am not sure if I would go out of my way otherwise. There are just so many other restaurants to try and this one just didn’t really stand out in a way that would cause me to put it on my “must return to list”. This is just one saladclimbers opinion. *s*


    Artist’s Point – Wilderness Lodge ~ Character Breakfast with Pooh and Friends ~ November 7th, 2000

    I really wanted to see Wilderness Lodge and I can’t resist Eeyore so this character breakfast seemed the one for us. We arrived a little early, by boat, from the Magic Kingdom so that we would have a few minutes to look around the resort. It really is striking but enormous compared to our homey diminutive Port Orleans. It will be difficult to decide where to stay next time. *smiles*

    We reported to the podium with our priority seating number and were seated after about a five minute wait in the lounge. Debi was over with a tray of breakfast breads and honey butter within a few minutes, explaining the breakfast and encouraging us to ask for more of anything we enjoyed. A carafe of orange juice was left with us so we could enjoy as much as we wished.

    The breads were yummy and really moist, there was a pumpkin bread, a blueberry bread and one other that escapes me at the moment. I know they were all great!

    Next our breakfast plates arrived. Fluffy scrambled eggs, a rich potato casserole, a few slices of bacon and a pair of sausages, a warm biscuit and two cinnamon pancakes. Everything was warm and good and the sausage were so lean and well spiced that we asked for more and we were swiftly presented with a plate of them!

    While happily munching away I was tackled from behind by Pooh! He hugged me and bounced around for a bit to be followed shortly thereafter by Tigger and Eeyore. J. looked a little nervous at this point, possibly worried that he was about to be tackled as well, but Tigger just shook his hand and laughed at him. *smiles* Got a picture with Eeyore, so I was happy. We did not monopolize the characters too long, it really is more fun to watch them with the kids anyway. We enjoyed this breakfast very much and I would recommend it to anyone who is hoping to do a character breakfast but would enjoy a quieter atmosphere that some of the others. I believe it is also a good place for adults to come if they think they might feel a little out of place, we were made to feel very welcome. ($14.50US each)


    Peco’s Bills Tall Tale Inn ~ Magic Kingdom ~ Dinner ~ November 6th, 2000

    Just a quick comment on Peco’s Bills, we both chose the 1/4 pound cheeseburger served with french fries ($4.95US each) and shared a large Coke ($2.25US). Pretty yummy for fast food, the toppings bar had fried onions, sautéed mushrooms, pickles, chopped onion, fresh shredded lettuce and a thick hot cheese sauce which I used to dip my fries in! of course they also provide the usual ketchup, mustard, relish and mayonnaise. Good enough that we went back again three days later! Quick, filling and good value.


    Mama Melrose ~ Disney-MGM Studios ~ Dinner – November 7th, 2000

    Mama Melrose made it onto our Priority Seating list really only because we wanted to take advantage of the Fantasmic Dinner Package. The reviews were mixed but the menu looked good so we took a chance. Our seating was for 4:40pm with the Fantasmic performance beginning at 7:00pm. A little earlier than I would normally like but I was glad we had taken it as there was only just enough time to get over to the theatre once we had finish our meals. The seating was a little chaotic resulting in a twenty minute wait past our time but once at our table in the capable hands of Jules our server, all was forgotten. There is a steady buzz about the place but it was not obtrusive or unwelcome, seeming to blend in well with the exposed graffiti covered brick walls and red chequered tableclothes.

    Jules took time to point out to us that each item was made from scratch and therefore we were welcome to make any changes to the dishes listed on the menu. I had already decided to try the Grilled Chicken Pizza with Pesto, Spinach, Bacon and Asiago Cheese ($12.25US) and while I knew I was ordering too much food I could not help but start with the Crispy Calamari with Two Aiolis, Citrus and Spicy Tomato ($5.95US). We shared a half carafe of the sangria which was lovely and refreshing ($8.50US).

    The calamari arrived swiftly in a cute little cast iron frying pan. I was a little worried as calamari can go wrong so easily but those fears were unfounded as these little morsels were crispy, hot and tender, the two aiolis drizzled across the top in ribbons. They did not hold back when spicing the tomato aioli and it was incredible, the next bite with the citrus aioli was a wonderfully cooling contrast. J., who is does not usually enjoy calamari snuck more than a few pieces for which I am grateful, it was a large portion for an appetizer.

    The entrees arrived after a suitable pause. J. had chosen the Grilled Prime Rib Steak with Pappardella Pasta, Sweet Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, and a Gorgonzola Butter ($16.50US) served rare. He said it was pretty good… what one would expect of a reasonable steak house. The pasta was pretty standard and unembellished and the vegetables did not make a significant appearance. He did admit that it was cooked by the book. My pizza was really good, thin but flexible crust, savoury pesto, large slices of grilled chicken breast and an ample amount of cheese. The olive oil was tasty if a little ummm, over present. I should expect this when ordering pesto though and could not really fault them on this one. The pizza finally defeated me however and so it accompanied us to Fantasmic in the cutest little Mickey takeout box I had ever seen.

    Before we took our leave Jules asked if we would sign her autograph book! A simple but really nice touch, of course we complied. Made it to Fantasmic, the recommended time in advance and felt really fortunate not to have had to wait with the other thousands already gathered. Oh, and Mama Melrose pizza also makes for a tasty if unconventional and rather oily breakfast. *smiles*


    House of Blues ~ Downtown Disney ~ Dinner ~ November 8th, 2000

    I had not read any reviews about this place but the menu looked good and the atmosphere seemed like a great way to begin a evening a Pleasure Island so off we went. This restaurant does not accept Priority Seating so we got a beeper and browsed through the HOB store adjoining the restaurant, while others chose to pass the time with a cocktail on the porch. We began to vibrate… or rather our beeper began to vibrate after about twenty five minutes. We were shown to our table and Ruben, our server introduced himself and took our drink order. Now if you have read any of my other reviews you will know that I have a weakness for blue drinks so of course I ordered something called, I think, Mo Better Blues… sort of like a blue lemonade. Tasty. J. had a beer of some sort. I had looked at the menu before we left and had planned on getting the Sautéed Curried Crab cakes with cucumbers, lime and mango coulis from the appetizer menu with a side of corn bread, but alas the crab cakes were not on the menu anymore, so I had to change my plans. Also on the appetizer menu were the Seared Gulf Shrimp - with blackened Voodoo beer and Rosemary Cornbread($9.95US) so I paired this with a Traditional Caesar Salad with Wood Oven Croutons and Fresh Shaved Parmesan Appetizer ($6.25US). The salad arrived with a very bland dressing which would have improved greatly with the addition of a bit of garlic and was served rather warm and the parmesan had likely been grated days ago. I’m afraid I cannot recommend it, however the shrimp was outstanding! Six large (not jumbo) shrimps smothered in a full bodied Cajun spicy sauce that one would be tempted to eat alone with a spoon! The cornbread was sweet and surprisingly light. I would have this one again in a heartbeat and I think paired with a bowl of the New Orleans Style Seafood Gumbo - with andouille sausage, shrimp, crawfish, oysters and okra in a traditional brown roux ( $3.95US) it would make a perfect light dinner.

    J. chose "The Elwood" - A Blackened Chicken Sandwich with Chili Garlic Mayonnaise, Green Chilis and Sour Cream served with Seasoned French Fries ($8.50US) and was very pleased. I tried a bite and agreed. The bun was dense and hearty and the chicken well seasoned and tender. The fries were crisp and fresh. J. finished his meal with a slice of the Florida Key Lime Pie - drizzled with Fresh Raspberry Sauce and Lime Zest (5.95US). It was a large portion, perfect for two but J. rose to the challenge. I did try a little bite and found it very rich a creamy. The music was a perfect accompaniment to the atmosphere. We found ourselves humming along more than one of the familiar tunes turned out Blues style by various artists that were new to us. I do give this place a thumbs up and would recommend the Voodoo shrimp highly! The salad not withstanding we had a great time.


    Boatwrights Dining Hall ~ Dixie Landings ~ Breakfast ~ November 10th, 2000

    We thought we would like to stick close to Port Orleans as it was our last day and we would be leaving after lunch so we decided to try Boatwrights at Dixie Landings. We did make a priority seating but once again it didn’t seem that they were dealt with any differently than the walk ins. It was a rainy humid day and the air in the restaurant was really close, we both chose to visit the buffet ($12.29US each).
    J. made the best choice at this buffet and decided to try the made or order omelet with green peppers, ham, onions and Monterey Jack cheese. Other fillings available included mushrooms, tomatoes, andouille sausage, bacon, swiss cheese, and cheddar cheese. Also at this station was carved baked ham.
    I did not fare as well, deciding to try the other items offered at the buffet. I chose the cheesy eggs, sausage links and bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy, breakfast potato patties and the fresh fruit. I’m sure it was all really good perhaps an hour before. I am not really fussy when it comes to my food being hot but in this case the eggs had been kept at a cooler temperature than was appropriate for a long enough period of time that there was a pool of water forming under them on my plate. The moisture from the sausage was beginning to congeal and the sausage gravy would have been more appropriate for hanging wallpaper than topping a biscuit. The potato patties, the standard formed triangles, tasted as though they had been heated in a microwave, not a hint of crispiness at all. I am sure the texture could be attributed to their time in the steam tray. I also tried a piece of the Dixie French Toast, stone cold and difficult to cut with both a knife and a fork. Even the poor fruit had withered edges from being prepared long before serving time.

    With a pang of guilt at leaving so much food to go to waste, I pushed my plate aside to be taken away, still hungry. One highlight though had to be the grapefruit juice, fresh and sweet I drank two glasses! I did go back and request a half omelet with tomatoes, mushrooms and Monterey Jack cheese and found that they had brought out a fresh bowl of fruit. This plate was pretty yummy and I was not longer hungry but admittedly it was not as enjoyable as it could have been had the previous trip been even palatable.
    I will admit that the menu items passing us looked really good and given the chance do this one over again I would definitely order a la carte. I should also give credit to our server Beverly who was friendly and efficient. I didn’t complain so she did not have the opportunity to set things right, although I was fairly confident that she would have done her best. I just took it as a sign that it was time to go home, I did have a great glass of grapefruit juice! *smiles*


    Thanks for reading!

    Port Orleans 2000
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    Wow, Taryn! What excellent information. Great idea to post restaurant reviews. I'm printing these off to keep with my planning materials.


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    Has anyone else been unable to print out this restaurant report on their printer? Mine will print the top portion, but won't print the advertiseing banner or the report itself, I can't figure out why! Has me baffled!! I've never encountered this problem before.
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    Loved your report. Foof is my favorite subject. Your style is quite fun to read. I'll be looking for your trip report.
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    Excellent reviews. You either have a great memory or wrote down what you ate at each meal.

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    Great restaurant report Taryn, made me hungry just reading it! I've now added Spoodles and Akershus to my "must dine at" list. Thanks for all the great information. :)
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    One of the best restaurant reviews I've read in a long time! I think I gained 10 virtual pounds!

    Thanks! :)

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    Thanks for posting. I always appreciate a detailed report. We're planning to try the Artist Point character meal on our next trip; glad you enjoyed it.
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    That was the best restaurant report I've ever read. Boy am I hungry now!!
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    Thanks for the yummy restaurant reviews.

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    Wow, great report!

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    May 15, 2000
    Excellent report!! I hope you posted this on the Restaurants board...wow!!

    Thanks for posting this!! :)

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  14. cotye

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    Sep 6, 2000
    That was a great report! Thanks! It made me so hungry though. Now I'll have to search for food now. SIGH. LOL :D


  15. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    For some reason I am hungry now - lol. Great details and thanks for posting!
  16. Beth E. (NJ)

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    Sep 27, 1999
    Consistantly great reading for the second time around! Now, where are the donuts?


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  17. Boots

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    Jan 8, 2000
    What a wonderful yummy report! You made me very very hungry!!

    Boots [​IMG]
  18. figmentvi

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    Aug 19, 1999
    Taryn you are a woman after my own heart (or should I say stomach). Your descriptions are fabulous. There was no way I could read this report without munching on somehting to stop the grumbles. Unfortunately, a PopTart was all I could find :(

    Thanks for a great report.
  19. Floundering Crab

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    Aug 11, 2000
    Great, detailed report. Thx

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