Tales of Dr. Doom


Earning My Ears
Jan 16, 2001
I took a ride on Dr. Doom... and it had an extra element of excitement.

Everyone was strapped into their seats, the doors had closed, and the ride was about to begin... the tension of waiting for the launch was broken by "Attention, riders. The ride has broken down. You are all going to die!" I heard a little evil laughter, felt bewildered for a split second, and then we were shot up into the sky!!

It was really funny!! -- everyone was taken off guard. An already scary ride was made even more entertaining!

Does anyone else have stories of unexpected thrills at Universal?
Been there done that on Dr Doom. I think they specifically hire evil and sadistic people to run that ride LOL. The 2 times I rode it when I was there last, we'd get strapped in. They would check everybody, Dr Doom would run thru his spiel, the fog machine would kick in, music goes to a crescendo....then it all stops. Fog dissipates, music dies away, no sound no nothing. For a good 30 seconds we sat there, wondering if it had broken down or if there was a problem. Then when we were all good and relaxed---WHOOOSSSSHHHHHH!!!! Up we go...
I swear there was a group of people working the control booth laughing hysterically at the terrified people LOL

Anyone else had this type of experience there??
We had the same experience as Melanie101. We lost our sunglass, I almost lost the water wallet I had around my neck. It nearly came off!! It was really a lot of fun. Can't wait to go back in May.
I have passes to both parks and one day while at IOA I decided to go on this ride. After riding it once you get bored but since I rode Spiderman, Hulk, and DD a few hundred times I thought I might get a power nap for a few minutes. We we strapped in and ready to go when all of a sudden everything stopped and 2 employees came out and told us that the ride was experiencing technicial difficulties. They then smiled, and off we went. When it was over the lady next to me was in tears and and was as red as a apple. I asked her if she was ok and she said she had just unstrapped her seat belt when it took off. Luckily for her the harness stayed locked. But it still scared her to death. After the ride she went to someone in the front office with me and my wife following behind. She told them what happened and the woman had us wait for about 25 minutes. When the woman came back the 2 employees were with her. They made a formal apology to us and then left. The woman said they were to be terminated because this wasn't the first time they have done that joke. She then gave us each a mulitday pass for both parks and 25 dollars in script bucks for universal. She apologised about a million times and asked us if we were all right. She then gave us a speech on how Universal doesn't tolerated this and to please inform them on any of their employees that misuse their power so to speak.

I thought I was the only one who had an experience like this. I finally got up the nerve to ride Doom. I went by myself because my husband had the kids. I must of looked visibally scared because the attendant asked me if I was nervous. I said I was very nervous. As he was buckling me up he asked if I wanted to get off. Before I could say anything he said "TOO BAD!!!" and laughed. Well I was really getting nervous so I was asking the people around me where the best place to hold on was. He told me that they ask people to raise their hands for their own safety. He then made an announcement that for everyones own safety would they raise their hands and then the ride took off. It was very scary but I lived. I did not ride it again the whole trip though. My husband said the attnedant must be so bored that he had to make fun of the scared lady. My kids thought it was hilarious when I told them what happened. I had no idea that this is a common thing. Now I am better prepared. I feel very bad for that lady who unstrapped. I think I would have had a heart attack.
For me personally, I get a big kick out of ride operators doing this sort of thing (then again I'm the sort of person that gets a huge rush out of rides like this)
I feel bad for people who are rather scared of this type of ride...but I'd rather the operators get their sadistic thrill and me get a bigger rush of adrenaline...
Personal opinion there...and hey they don't call it FearFall for nothing :cool:
At any rate, its a great ride for thrillseekers, thats for sure
I also was caught by the Dr. Doom jokes. My friend and I were on Dr. Doom and it went through the normal thing, with the speaking door. Then we waited at least five minutes. My father was filming our launch, but he had to stop because they were taking their time launching us. After five minutes everyone was restless and wanted off. We were about to yell for someone and then I heard this evil laugh and off we went. It was quite a rush, it was great fun.

21 days and counting until HRH!!

I love that the people were in character for the ride, we had no such luck, just plain old strap in and launch. The lady who unbuckled was in no danger, the real restraints are not able to be undone by passengers until it's time. For those who can't take it, after the second time I was able to hear the air compressors kick in and out and know when it was going to launch. Personally I would have loved to be able to predict it enough to bark out something funny, there's always next time.


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