Take a Virtual Tour of the Magic Kingdom in Chat Monday night


<font color=blue>A good day with short lines...wha
Aug 18, 1999
Grab your virtual passes and join Disney Daniel, DopeyGirl and me in the chat room Monday night at 9pm est as we take a virtual tour of the Magic Kingdom. We will ride, eat, and ride some more. Even the biggest chicken (me) will take a turn on rides such as Space Mountain. :) Hope to see you there.
hey guys - i don't mean to sound stupid - lol - but im kinda new - and the chatroom sounds like fun - is there a certain name for it and how do i get there - sorry to be annoying - im just a lil confused - lol - write back soon! :bounce:
You will find a link to the chat room if you go to the DIS homepage and scroll down the list of informational sites, on the left side of the page, to the Community/Misc category, Or...you can just CLICK HERE!

On your first visit to the chat room you will have to create a user name and password and choose which chat program you want to use. I believe that Ichat is the easiest and most fun program to use for DIS chat. You can download it free from the log-in page. Just scroll down the page and you will find some helpful instructions for downloading Ichat. The Ichat works best if you are using the newest version of Internet Explorer browser. You will find the download site for Internet Explorer, if you CLICK HERE! Both of these programs are free downloads.

Pin Chat is on this evening. :)
I STILL dunno how to chat! LOL!

ill figure it out one of these times!
I always miss the chats, and forget my password :(



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