Swan!! Club level or no?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by hunnypotmama, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. hunnypotmama

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    Feb 25, 2002
    We have a DW trip coming up in October and I can get HRH or Swan at the same price ($135). My kids are 7 and 3, so I'm thinking we should probably wait a few years to get our most out of Universal. From everything I've read, preteens and teenagers get the most enjoyment out of Universal.

    So that leaves us staying an entire week at DW...how is the Swan? We have never stayed there. Club level is about $74 more per night with the AP rates, is that a decent deal? We have stayed at Poly concierge before for about the same price...do the Poly and Swan compare at all? Any help or words of wisdom would be appreciated!

  2. CarolA

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    Aug 21, 1999
    Personally I was not impressed with the "club level" at the Swan.

    Do NOT expect it to be anything like the concierge at the Disney hotels. It is only open for a few hours in the AM and PM. No midday snacks and the "free" water bottles are the 8 oz kind which I think are just too small to deal with. Plus in the AM you have to ask for them and who wants to stand there and go I need 10 of those tiny bottles. Not bad for breakfast, but the evening hours are way too short and there is no free wine or beer. If you plan to go to the parks in the evening you will miss this event. I did not think the evening food could pass as "dinner" either. The biggest problem is that in addition to the guests on the two floors about 50% of the hotel appears to have "upgraded" to club so breakfast can be crowded and noisy.

    I would do it for free, but would not pay.

    The Swan itself was a wonderful hotel.
  3. DVC California

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    Dec 22, 1999
    We stayed at HRH (Garden View) last year and both RPH and Swan (Club Level) last month. Of the three, I prefer RPH while DW prefers the Swan. Here's my take on all three.

    The Hard Rock is a very hip and modern hotel. Lots of Rock & Roll memorabilia throughout the lobby and a fantastic pool with an cool underwater sound system. My daughters loved the water slide and enjoyed floating around on those funky purple mats! Our room had two queen beds, tv, cd player, shower/tub & toilet in the bathroom with separate sink/vanity. Great fluffy towels with a weird waffle patern.

    The Royal Pacific has a modern "polynesian" theme. They definately wanted to avoid the Trader Vic's image that is so synonymous with Disney's Poly. Room was about the same as HRH but more wood/wicker throughout. Bath towels had gold emblem of "RPH".

    Club lounge was fantastic! It was open all day from about 7:00 AM to 10 PM. Breakfast featured fresh fruit, muffins, danish, bagels, and single serving cereals as well as coffee, teas, milk, and juice. Through the day - canned soda, bottled water, coffee, and tea was available as well as small bags of chips. Evening appetizers featured veggie platter, chips/dip, assorted cheeses & crackers, and one hot dish. Over the two nights we were there, they had chicken strips and fries, and polynesian pork and rice respectively. There was also complimentary bottled beer (Heiniken and domestic!) as well as red and white wine. The last couple of hours had great cookies (choc. chip., oatmeal, etc) and milk.

    The Swan has recently gone through renovation and the rooms are spectacular. All new "Heavenly" beds (pillowtops) with very comfy and very white down comforters. Free hi-speed internet connection for your laptop, shower/tub, toilet, sink in the bathroom and another separate sink/vanity outside.

    The Swan (and Dolphin's) Club Lounge has limited hours. 7am to 10 am for breakfast and 5 pm to 8 pm for evening appetizers. With the exception of Mama T (and those yummy chocolate croissants), I was also disappointed with the lounge. All the same reasons Carol A mentions.

    The Grotto pool shared with the Dolphin is great - it has a waterfall and slide. There are also two quieter "lap" pools for more adult lazing.

    To sum it up, the Swan is great hotel and good for WDW touring. It's location to MGM, Epcot and the Boardwalk can't be beat. However, when there is a convention at the hotel, they can take it over it loses the Disney magic it had.

    The Hard Rock and the Royal Pacific are, in my opinion, a cut above. Both in style, service, and themeing. And Front-of-the-Line /Universal Express access with your room card is an absoulte must!

    Hope this helps, Steve :cool:
  4. hunnypotmama

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    Feb 25, 2002
    Steve and Carol A, thank you very much for your input! I appreciate all the details and you have given my DH and me a lot to think about!

  5. Mrs.A

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    Mar 7, 2003

    We were at the Swan for 8 nights the beginning of Aug. We stayed Club Level, I thought it was very nice especially for breakfast it was well worth it for us. 2 adults, DD7 and DS9.
    After paying $35.00 for one breakfast at CRB food court, we felt club level was worth it.

    If you are big breakfast eaters, eggs, toast, bacon,etc. this would not be for you. We are not really big breakfast eaters. so the offerings were fine for us.

    The evenings were okay, you do pay for beer and wine but it is cheaper than buying it at the lounge.

    You do have to ask for the water, some days they were the smaller bottles, 8oz. and some days they were larger size.
    Remember in the evenings you can take a can or 2 of pop back to your room for later. That is also $$ at the lounge and pop machine.

    If you could get a good price on club level I say give it a try. We will do it again. I booked The Swan club level thru DU
    at $200.00 a night including taxes.

    Have a fun trip.

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