Surprise WDW Trip Day 5 & 6

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    Jun 13, 2000
    August 20 - Animal Kingdom. We got up early this time and went straight to the PH lounge for our PS for Lion King. We couldn't use the parade PS as we had PS for Fantasmic Dinner Package at 6 pm and we'd never make it on time. Jordan and I relaxed at the lounge and Rob went down and got FP for KS. This lounge isn't as nice as the one at Epcot, but with the fans it is cooler than outside. It is still a nice place to relax from the heat. Jordan loved the free video games and we sat and cooled off with some water and talked to the CM on duty as we were the only ones there. After tearing Jordan away from the game, we went for lunch at Tusker House. Then it was time for our FP time for KS. We love this attraction and FP was wonderful. We saw giraffes, lions, elephant, cheetahs, all kinds of animals. We then went to Festival of the Lion King. It is one of our favourites and keeps getting better every time we see it. We headed for Tarzan Rocks and Rob went to get FP for us for Dinosaur. The FP machines were broken so he came to join us in line. I love having the 2 way radios with us as they've really come in handy especially for getting FP. Jordan wanted to sit up close so we did miss a bit of the show as some parts of it occured behind us. This is an absolutely awesome show. We all loved it and are going to try to get back again. We headed out for the bus to MGM. We did the great movie Ride and the alien part freaked Jordan out as usual. This is a favourite of ours and did not dissapoint. We saw or rather listened to Sounds Dangerous and it was really good. We tried to get FP for Indiana Jones, but the FP time was in the middle of our PS for H&V. We then did Muppet Vision and it was so cute and funny and Jordan loved it. After our H&V dinner we had time to see One Man's Dream as Rob had his heart set on seeing it today. We both found ourselves tearing up during the movie at what this man had created for all of us to experience. I want to do this one again when we have more time to check out the exhibits before the movie. We had to race after this to the exit to Fantasmic to arrive exactly 30 minutes prior to it. It was great to arrive so close to showtime and not having to wait so long for the show to start. The show was as great as we remembered it, however, there was a technical problem and it was cut off before the finale about 10 minutes at least before the end I would guess. We were all really disappointed, especially after the fairly mediocre meal we had just to get in. Oh well, what can you do. We went back to the hotel and fell into bed. Tomorrow Epcot Centre

    August 21 - We headed to Epcot this am after breakfast in the room we got a pretty late start. Rob got us FP for Test Track and then we headed to the PH lounge for PS for Shockwave show. Then off to GG for our first character meal. After lunch we did Journey to imagination with Figment and we all loved it. I'm glad Figment is back. Then we did Honey I Shunk the Audience. This was as great as ever, but as usual Jordan was a bit freaked out (Do you see a trend here?) Rob and I kept our feet up so as not to get the whole experience ;) Then we did our FP for Test Track. This is still our favourite ride at Epcot. Then off to WS to see Shockwave. It of course started to rain off and on so on with the ponchos. We were cutting it really close, but they had just told us at the lounge to show up by 4:30 for the show. We got there 10 minutes early and they had given out all the passholder seating. We were a bit miffed as it was the covered seating so we could still enjoy the show if it rained again. We did complain later to the lounge and they apologized, but that was it. At least with Fantasmic they tell you be there by 8 pm at the latest or you will not get in. We were able to get seats and what we saw of the beginning of the show was great, but the heavens opened at the beginning of the 3rd number and 2 ladies in front of us opened their umbrellas so we couldn't see anymore. We had ponchos on so we would have stayed if not for that, so we went in to see the American Adventure. By the time we got in, took off our ponchos and got a bench in the circle, it had started to teem outside and it got very busy in there. We waited for the Voices of Liberty and Rob took some pictures of the Twin Tower Flag to show the guys at the firehall. Voices of Liberty were lovely as ususal. We thoroughly love the American Adventure and it did keep us dry for a moment. It was still pouring when we left so we took the boat back across the lagoon to save time. We rode Spaceship Earth on the way out as there was no line as it was almost closing time. We headed back to the hotel and it stopped raining so we went swimming and showered and Rob got us a pizza for dinner. ($24.59)
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    Mar 25, 2000
    I too enjoyed One Man's Dream - I was wondering if they would miss one of the castles - but I am betting they would - another great couple of days - thanks for posting!
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    Feb 3, 2001
    Thanks for the reports! I need to make the shows at AK a priority for our next trip. We have been to AK several times, but have never seen Tarzan or Lion King!

    Hope your next report is posted soon! I am really enjoying your reports!
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    Aug 18, 2001
    We too haven't seen the Lion King show.

    Looking forward to it (& all the other AP things you're reporting)!

    Thanks for sharing!

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