Surfing Lessons at Vero Beach

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    Aug 4, 2010
    So, our daughters finally got their surfing lessons – and they LOVED it.

    The Vero Beach DVC uses Central Florida Surf School for their weekly lesson offerings, but the resort classes are on Wednesday mornings, and we didn’t reach Vero Beach until Wednesday afternoon, which is why we booked our lessons directly with the school rather than through the resort.

    The lessons took place at Pepper Beach Park (about 19 miles south of the resort) and were given by Lisa Mead herself. DD16 is a little more athletic than DD19, and both were on their school swim team, although nowhere near the best swimmer on the team. They had never been on surf boards before, but within 10 minutes DD16 was standing on her board and calmly surfing toward shore (by the end she could ride in completely until beached, and just stepped off her board when finished). DD19 found it a little more challenging, but by the end of the morning, she was also nearly erect on her board, and would have made it all the way except that she was too close to shore by the time she reached that point.

    Lisa obviously knows what she is doing, is very concerned with safety, made it fun for the kids – in short, she was everything you could possibly want in a surfing instructor. Lessons consisted of about 45 minutes of land instruction and about 2 hours in the water. I’d say the waters here were nearly ideal for a first-time surfing lesson. You don’t have to get that far out from shore to catch a wave, which means you can wade most of the way out to the launch point, saving your arms a lot of paddling – and if you aren’t in Olympic level condition, you’ll probably find the paddling to be very challenging in very short order.

    One thing to keep in mind if you want to book with them directly - they don't have an office or a store front, so you almost never reach anyone directly when phoning in. They are pretty good at returning calls if you leave a message, but since phone tag can rear its head at times, I'd definitely advise contacting them well in advance. Of course if you book through the resort, things will probably be much simpler.

    Both DD’s are currently napping after a wonderful morning. Do yourself a favor – if you’re at Vero Beach and don’t know how to surf, take the surfing lessons – you won’t regret it.

    If you’re interested, here is the web site.
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    We signed our son up several years ago through the resort, I think it was 2007 or 2008. At any rate, he had a blast. He took our camera and one of the school staff took photos for us. In hindsight, we realized we could have gone ourselves and just had fun on the beach with our daughter while he took the lessons. But we were very grateful they took photos for us.
    He is an adult now, and talks about taking more surfing lessons in the future.

    I am glad to hear your daughters enjoyed it so much. I am hoping on our next Vero vacation, our daughter will be as adventurous and want to give it a try.

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