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Jul 1, 2000
As I am planning for a trip to FW and WDW in Mar, I am staring to figure out food supplies. I would like to not have to grocery shop too much once we have arrived, so I was wondering what kind of food is for sale at the Trading Post? I assume the usual bread, milk, hot dogs- but would they have ground beef? or cheese? What I am mainly interested in is cold items that will need replaced from the cooler (we will be a group of about 5-6 tent camping, 5 nights, approx. 3 camp dinners and all breakfasts- lunch in the parks) Also, is ice at FW insanely expensive? Thanks for any strategies you might have :)

They'll have the kind of Items that your looking for. Frozen burgers (pre formed), frozen chicken, as well as vaccuum packed cold cuts for sandwiches and frozen pizza... but all of it is rather expensive. We usually will hit a grocery like a Publix to replenish. But in a pinch, it's great to be able to jump in the golf cart, and as we say in New Orleans, "make some groceries"!
Have fun.
And oh, Ice is a buck and a half a bag, if my memory serves me!


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It has the frozen burgers, hot dogs, lunch meat, eggs, fruit and breakfast items. They actually have alot more than I thought they would. But, it is expensive.

We always try and come prepared with most of our food, but I usually have to buy OJ, milk, etc.

The ice is in a machine at all the comfort stations. It's $2.00 a bag. They provide the plastic bags, and it drops into the bag. One thing though, have another bag ready, because it feels up about 1 1/2 bags when you do it. Put your money in, get the bag ready and then push it in (it's like the coin washer). Hope this helps.

We are going June 15-25th. Can't wait! :)

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If you have a car i would go off the grounds to one of the local store for your food.It will be cheaper unless you don't want to leave. Just my two cents. We shop of the grounds.


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They are well stocked for the necessities, but are very expensive. The next nearest alternatives are at the Disney Marketplace (Gourmet Pantry), again very expensive, and at the Crossroads Plaza. They have a Goodings supermarket there, but it too is expensive. But, the Goodings has a wide variety of items. If you are driving into the area, check for Publix or a Super WalMart, they will be your best bet, but I am not sure of the exact location of these.
There is a Publix on 192 in Kissimee, only about 10 minutes from the campground. It is a very nice, full-service supermarket, with prices similar to those you would find anywhere. When we are at Fort Wilderness I hate to take time out to leave the park, but one well-planned shopping trip might be worth it to save some money and have more food choices.
Just another suggestion...
I saw some posts on the "Resorts" board about people who used NetGrocer to deliver all the non-perishable things they would need. I've frequently seen web coupons for NetGrocer on the entertainment site and others. I almost did this for our recent trip, but plans changed and we stayed in Tampa for a few nights before FW, so we just hit an outside grocery store.


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