Sunglasses thief strikes again! ;) Day Four

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    We were obviously tired from the day before since we didn't wake up until 10:30am! Usually I'd be upset having slept so long, but for the first time I didn't mind! What a luxury! We decided to go to Epcot and explore some of the shows we had never seen before. I really love the Mexico pavillion. We had eaten at Mexico on previous trips so we decided just to walk around today. We went on the ride too on our own private boat! The one section really is like a Mexican version of IASW! When we left Mexico, the Los Carnelos show was just beginning. They played and sang various Mexican songs. It was pretty good. People started to dance. Suddenly I wish I had taken dance lessons.

    Most of the shows we wanted to see didn't begin for a couple hours so we decided to go back to Future World for a little while and then return to WS later. I couldn't resist going back to the Imagination ride. Again, there was no line. I hope that was just a result of the slow season and not because people didn't like the new ride? We went right into Honey I Shrunk the Audience next. The preshow does make me a little teary-eyed. I'm a sucker for things like that my dh always says! ;) After shrinking and being brought back to normal, we went back to the Annual Pass Lounge. WOW! What a treat we had! There was a CM there along with another CM who had broken his leg and had crutches. The 4 of us were chatting when Chip and Dale came in. I expected them to give us a brief hello and leave, but they gave us a private 20 minute show!!!! I couldn't believe our luck! Dh had on a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt and they did not approve. They pretended to pick their noses and tried to stick an EPCOT pamphlet to his shirt. They then tried to play with the crutches and had fun trying to use the phones, etc.... What a highlight to the trip! If only I had my camera with me that day. Only at Disney right??

    Being the music nuts that we are, we then decided to go to Food Rocks downstairs. We think the show is well done. The little facts that are in the waiting area are really interesting too. We saw the show again on a later date just so we could read all that was there in the waiting area! We did the Land ride again and then went back upstairs for the Circle of Life movie. Again, very well done. It really makes you stop and think.

    Just before leaving Future World, we caught the water fountain show which we had never seen. We liked it, but thought it was a little short. We made a quick run for Ice Station Cool and gulped down some watermelon flavoured coke. Yum! We went back to WS just in time for some acrobats in China. WOW! I had never seen such young children do such incredible feats. Just when you thought they couldn't do anything more daring, they did! Remarkable. As we continued around WS, we stopped to watch an African show where we got to play some of the instruments. Cool. There was a little shop there and.....*gulp*.......we realized that the instruments and sculptures were there to observe and not to buy!

    Practically as soon as we got to the American Adventure, the Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps. began. I just love the colours and pagaentry. We timed all the shows perfectly it seemed as the American Vybe show began immediately afterwards just inside the building. This jazz-type music was well done but just not as good as the Liberty Singers (IMHO). We missed the Liberty Singers for that day, so we had to return later. That was a sacrifice I was willing to make!! Before watching the American Adventure, we got a chance to view the World Trade Centre flag up on display. It's amazing how it survived.

    We decided to walk to the Swan hotel and see the boardwalk during the day. It really is an evening area isn't it? It was rather empty during the day! We then took the boat from the Swan to MGM. This is where we found a surprise waiting for us. The preshow to Beauty and the Beast has a quartet group called Four for a Dollar. What fun!! Dh wants to sing in a quartet so he was especially happy to find this group. They had the right combination of comedy and music. We'll definitely come back to watch them sing. The B&B show was as good as usual. Next stop I just had to buy some turtles fudge from the sweet shop on the corner of Sunset Blvd. WOW!!! I'm glad I live far away from this place or I'd be in trouble!

    Remember I mentioned how I lost my sunglasses earlier this trip? Well, dh realized he lost his too. He didn't know if he lost them in B&B or on the boat to MGM. *sigh* We need to attach our glasses to our bodies somehow! We spent some time looking for them but to no avail. Little did we know we'd soon be making several trips to the lost & found! After giving up the search for the day, we went to WWTBAM. I'm always amazed to see how the set looks so much like the TV show. Tried as we did, we still didn't make it to the hot seat. Maybe another time. We then had dinner at one of the counter service places (close to WWTBAM) and went to Fantasmic an hour before showtime. While I sit there, I always start wondering why we do this and if the show is really worth it....... But once the show begins, I remember that it is. What a great show! We shuffled with the crowd back to the hotel and after a short swim, lights out.
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    Sounds like a fun day...Maybe your sunglasses weren't having as much fun and that's why they wandered off! ;)
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    :D The Chip and Dale encounter sounds so cute! I think maybe your sunglasses were having so much fun, they decided to ditch you guys so they could live at Disney ;) !

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