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May 20, 2000
My parents have DVC points. They have been going to WDW for the last 6 years but want to do something different. Not enough has changed for them at WDW in the last few years for them to go back again in 2005. My father has reached the point where he doesn't drive very much, so wherever they go, it needs to have a lot of things to do or have available, inexpensive transportation (Gee, sounds like I am looking for another WDW, doesn't it? :D ).

They were hoping to go to Atlantis, but as we know, that fell through.

Any suggestions for a couple of semi-active but senior citizens would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks....

---Paul in Southern NJ
What about HHI or VB? Nice and relaxing and not WDW. Or do some of the Concierge collection hotels.

How about Disneyland/DCA? There are enough differences in attractions that they should find it interesting. Our maybe San Francisco or San Diego...they'd probably be relying on taxis, which could be pricey, but there is a lot to see.

Most Senior like Vegas, but regular rates are generally so reasonable, I'd hesitate recommending that anyone use points there.
What about Washington? There is a subway to get around on and lots of interesting stuff in a relatively small area. Other travel options from there would be AMTRAK up to Baltimore or Philadelphia for the day, taxi or rentacar.

WDW has become less senior citizen friendly than in past years with the switch to trill rides and taking down some of the family friendly attractions. What I would suggest is WDW in the winter, I see you are from NJ. WDW is still in Florida and a great place to get out of the cold. Just being in the warm weather should be a treat from the cold in NJ. A cruise is always nice.


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