Strange eating times!!


Oct 12, 2004
My husband likes to eat at strange times. Which is why he doesn't want to make and ADR's. :sad2:

Lunch is like 2-3 pm and he likes a late dinner (light) around 7 or so....

My question is do most of the restaurants stay open all day...or do they open a certain time for lunch and close and reopen for dinner.... :confused3


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Jan 18, 2002
I'm not sure about the restaurants in the parks, but I know that last year when we tried to eat a late lunch, all of the monorail resort restaurants had closed for a short time prior to opening for dinner...


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Sep 30, 2004
I'd consider a "late" dinner at WDW to be after 9pm. If you want to eat at any table service restaurant, I'd definitely make a PS/ADR.


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Feb 23, 2004
I just recently made several ADR's for late lunches. I got all my first choice times and there were even later times available at some. I have a 2:30 at Le Cellier, 2:20 at Trail's End, 2:30 at Mama Melrose's and 2:10 at Biergarten.


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Mar 19, 2004
We are also 'off time' eaters because we sleep in a little later than most people (no kids yet ;) ) We had 3 lunch PSs during our trip last September and we made all 3 of them for 2:00. Most places have specific lunch/dinner times, but the only difference that really makes is that the menu might change. What time of year are you going? If the parks are open later, the restaurants will probably stay open later too. What we did to ensure that we got to still have some great meals was we ate a 2:00 lunch at a TS restaurant and had a nice big meal and then we ate a smaller CS meal for dinner. That way, if we were stuck with nowhere in the parks to go then we could always find somewhere at DTD or our resort.

Have you looked at yet? Many of the places list their hours and their lunch/dinner times :) Have fun!!


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Jan 15, 2005
I do not think those are "strange times". With the time changes from those who come from the west coast, 2pm would be 11am there.

We eat a late dinner at home (7pm CDT) so I made all PS for dinner at 8pm. That keeps us on our "normal" schedule.


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Aug 22, 1999
Many resteraunts in the various parks are open for lunch past 3 PM or stay open all afternoon and the dinner menu starts ~ 4 or 4:30. I've noticed that the resort resteraunts we've eaten in have closed earlier in the afternoon.

7 PM is considered prime time dinner hour, not late. If you really want to eat at that time and are going at a busy time, make some reservations. It really depends on where you're trying to eat and how popular that resteraunt is. You can always cancel. Of course, the fast food places won't be a problem, although the lines will be longer. The park resteraunt hours vary, in relation to the park closing hours. Resort resteraunts are usually open until 10 PM, with the food court or quick stop staying open later.

PS You said your DH likes to eat light in the eve ---- Disney resteraunts are very used to people splitting meals or just ordered an appetizer and/or dessert (excluding buffets).


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