Staying On Site during Xmas without a Rental Car (using Disney transportation)

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Julia M, Feb 20, 2005.

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    On our last two trips to WDW, we stayed on site a couple of days and then moved onsite to our timeshare. This trip, at Xmas, we are staying entirely onsite.....first two nights at PO and then 8 nights at the Poly.

    Dh was decided he'd like to try Poly concierge, which runs us an additional $800. So I am trying to cut our budget in other ways.

    If I eliminate our rental car, I'll save $250. But, I will admit, I'm nervous about depending on WDW transportation.

    Will it be hard for someone used to a car to take the busses? I figured I try to plan our itinerary so we do AK and MGM our first two days, and save MK and EPCOT when we have access to the monorail.

    We'll probably do another day or two of AK and MGM, and then the rest of our time will be at EPCOT and MK.

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    I am sure you will get used to not having a car. It just requires a little more planning. We always have a car but once I went to WDW for business and didn't have on. I just allowed more time to get everywhere. I prefer having a car but others love using the busses, boats, and monorails to get everywhere.

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