Stay at WDW Coronada Resort for a week, 4 people, for under $2,000?


Earning My Ears
Dec 9, 1999
Last year, I searched this forum and found out that people recommended staying at WDW Coronada Resort, I think it was Cabana 8 or 9. Can anyone reiterate on staying in these cabanas or resort? More importantly, is it possible to stay at the resort for a week for under $2,000? I mean, we don't necessarily need to eat out at fancy restaurants in the park or outside but what exactly is available outside the park to go eat at? Is it really saving anything by doing this or are the meal packages a good value at WDW? What about the extra activities that packages offer? Anyone have an idea what it would cost to do extra things (i.e. speed boats, horseback riding, etc.)? Or again, is it more applicable to buy a package that includes all the extras? Any suggestions, that anyone could make would greatly be appreciated. My e-mail address is THANKS! <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

are you going to the parks at all? Its almost impossible to answer without more info. It can be done, but you can't plan on any extras. The AS resort may be a better idea.
Depends on the time of year and if you go to the parks most days. 6 day park hopper plus passes are about $270 currently with discount--thus, after the price increase, etc. you can plan on spending approximately $1100 if you go to the parks for 6 days ($1200 for 4 of the 7 day park hopper plus passes). Figure at a bare, bare minimum $20 per person for meals each day, that's $560 for the week (actually should add a little more since you have both a departure and arrival day if you are staying seven nights). Thus, you are up to $1700-1800 without spending anything on lodging. Of course, if some of your party are children, your costs will go down a bit--(subtract about $125 for park passes and about $100 for meals). In the best case scenario, I think you are talking about having about $500 to spend on lodging, which is more in tune with value season at AS resorts than at Coronado Springs Resort. As a comparison, with two adults and a 9 year old last year staying at ASmovies for 7 nights watching our $ but splurging on some character meals and eating only two meals, at most, per day, we spent about $2,500.



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