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Feb 4, 2001
where did you get the hands free harness? i have looked everywhere i can find online and have not been able to find one. we dont have babystores around here and i have checked the walmart and target stores here. thank you so much. i like this idea better than the "leash" type things. but in the end i will be connected to my son. he has a tendency to run. thank you so much!!


i got mine at the right start ages ago. im pretty sure they dont carry it anymore but if you call they might be able to tell you who the manufacteror is. mine doesnt have a label on it. ill do some digging and let you know if i find anything.
ok ive cruised the internet and cant find it elsewhere. im so sorry! its the absolute best though and well worth the effort if you can find it. mine is dark blue and came in a box rather than one of those plastic glued onto paper things, if that helps at all.
thank you for your help. i found their website and i plan to phone them after the holiday weekend. hopefully i can get one!!!



i dont know how to do the url thing. i did a search for right start and it gave me the website. the address is


oic i thought you meant the site for the manufacteror. ive been to their site and didnt see it and the online help couldnt help. but call them. ask them to go back through old catalogs for you and see if they can help you figure it out. i know they carried it summer/fall 96 into 97, at least, so have them start looking there.


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