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Earning My Ears
Mar 21, 2001
Has anyone heard of or used a spray sunscreen? I thought that it would be fast and easy expecially for young children to use.
I think you still have to rub in the spray. It just is easier to spread.
I burn VERY easily and now that I've tried spray-on sunscreen it's the only kind I'll use. Much faster, lighter-feeling, easier and less messy, and I find that I don't end up with "missed spots" that burn.

I used the Coppertone spray-on for the first time at WDW last year (it's sold in all the shops there). Great stuff - not greasy at all, and feels cool when you spray it on. I'm not totally crazy about the scent (smells like all Coppertone products) but it's not bad.

You don't have to rub it on, except on your face (because you shouldn't spray your face -- directions say to spray into your hand and then spread on your face)
All I will use is the spray-on sunscreen and the sunsceen sticks on my DS (5) and DS (2). They are wonderful!!!! No greasy mess on your hands and they protect my kids and DH.

Nuetrogena now makes a spray and stick that are greaeless. Now my kids won't feel like little butterballs! LOL

All I will use is the spray-on sunscreen and the sunscreen sticks on my DS (5) and DS (2). They are wonderful!!!! No greasy mess on your hands and they protect my kids and DH.

Nuetrogena now makes a spray and stick that are greaseless. Now my kids won't feel like little butterballs! LOL :D
It's not a spray but individually packaged wipes (kind of like baby wipes with sunscreen) saturated with sunscreen. We love them because they don't leave you feeling all greasy and they are very convenient when traveling...apply in the morning and then throw a few in the bag in case you need to reapply. They are the best - especially quick to apply to the kids. I think a 10 pack is $11.95 incl. shipping. Hope this helps! :D
Spray on and the gel for our faces[this is a great way to protect faces,it is light and drys as fast as the spray on and doesn't run in your eyes if you sweat!!] at Wal-greens and bought their brand and It worked BETTER than any lotion that I have tryed and I have tryed plenty of them!! Even Dh's Ears didn't burn!! And they always burn,even with the lotion sunscreens!! :) :) :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


We started using this a couple of years ago and now swear by it.SO much easier to reapply while on the go than messy creams,especially when it's hot out.The creams turn to liquid in the heat and when you try to get a little...SPLOOSH!!!! you get a huge handful :eek: !We have tried different brands and they're all equally good INMO.
Just this morning I bought a 2 pack of Coppertone Sport Spray-on sunscreen at Sam's Club. It says on the package you don't have to rub it in. It is SPF#30 and it says it is sweatproof and waterproof. One bottle was 8 oz. and the other was is 3.8 oz., both for $7.95.

Flgirl had my idea too. Try the wipes. Probably lighter to carry and won't take up as much room.
the sunscreen in his fanny pack cuz he carries less stuff!!! ;)And the Spay and Gel are lighter than the lotions!!!

The sprays sound great. My 2 DD are very fair skinned and burn easily. We are going to WDW in August and I think I'll give the spray a try. :cool:

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I run my town's summer program and we use the spray on all the kids. It works great and we don't have to rub anything in (which is a good thing in this day and age- hands off is best when dealing with other people's kids :)) Also I use the stick on the part in my hair. I'm very fair and my head always burns at my part. The stick allow enough control that I don't end up with a head full of sunscreen!
Have you ever seen the spray stuff in SPF45? I burn extremely easily & have found that I can avoid it if I use the 45 - but I would love to use the spray! Especially if we can get it at Sam's, BJ's & the like!
Today at Dollar Zone I got Osco brand (old style packaging but doesn't expire until next year) 25 SPF spray sunscreen. I've never tried it before, but it sounds less messy. Maybe I'll be able to do my own back now. After I got home, I did notice that mine is not waterproof, only sweatproof. But for a buck each, I can deal with that.
Yes! Be sure to check the Dollar Stores. The week of Easter ours was carrying the Coppertone spray sunscreen in SPF 30 and 15--I stocked up! Just be sure the check the expiration date. The ones I bought expire in August of this year, but for a dollar I'll risk it--it will be gone by then anyway!
I found WaterBabies spray at Target. It's spf 45.
I bought it but haven't tried it yet. I will probably use something different on my face, because the WaterBabies did not say anything about not clogging pores. But I will use it everywhere else.
Last year, when they started coming out with the spray-on kind. My boyfriend and I were on the Disney Cruise, I decided to go on deck by myself and needed sunblock, so I bought the Coppertone Sport Sunblock Spray in one of the gift shops. I sprayed it all over, arms, legs, back,chest,etc...
I went on deck and relaxed for about 15 minutes. I started getting really warm and decided to go back to the cabin to clean up for dinner. By the time I got back to the cabin, my legs and arms were burned to the point that it felt like my muscles were on fire. You know the burning and the PAIN sensation. well, mine hurt all the way down to the bone. It hurt this way for 3 weeks and I was peeling for another 3 weeks. I applied the spray so thick that it was dripping off my body( I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any spots). After a few hours, I noticed that I had large white circular spots on my arms and legs. It almost seemed that the only place the spray "stuck" was these circular spots. Boy, O Boy, was I uncomfortable for quite a long time. I still have the container, but that is only to remind me not to buy that again!! I'm gonna stick with the lotion, even though I hate the sticky feeling and having to rub it into your skin. I was very excited to buy that spray on kind, but now I'm afraid to try another for fear that I will have another bad experience. By the way, that was the only bad thing that did happen on our 7 day land/sea vacation last may 19th to may 26th. The whole trip was awesome and we are coming back this year, june 30 to july 7. Ready or not, Here we come!!!!!!! :cool:


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