Spoke with Ashley Eckstein earlier this week about SWW, etc.

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    Speaking of Star Wars Weekends, I spoke with Ashley Eckstein earlier this week for an article...we mostly spoke about her Her Universe company, but also about Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Weekends and getting to enjoy Disney...

    Exclusive: A talk with Star Wars: The Clone Wars star and Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein

    I mentioned missing SWW this year because we were doing the cruise...her and her husband (David Eckstein, 2006 World Series MVP) haven't done a Disney cruise yet! Maybe we should invite her to join PCC3.0! :)

    She donated a shirt for the NE GKTW DIS Meet last year (and I think Dave Parfitt got another shirt that was auctioned online), and I'll be hitting her up again this year...she's just the nicest person you could meet - you can tell she was brought up a Disney child!
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    Awesome!!! :thumbsup2
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    She is cute!

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