Spiderman Ride


Mar 18, 2001
Does the spiderman ride spin in circles? I would like to go on the ride but I hate spinning in circles. I went on the cat in the hat and almost had to jump off when it started spinning. If spiderman does NOT spin I think I can handle it.

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Yes, looks like it spins to the next area on the ride. There was a show on Travel Channel last night called Backstage Pass at Univeral Orlando. The ride is so cool, we can't wait! You should peek at the show before deciding.

Have fun!

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The ride spins three times in a row. Other times it just turns 180 or 270.


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How does the spinning on spiderman compare to the spinning on the cat in the hat. If it only has a 3 revolution spin one time there is a slim chance that I can tolerate it. I would really like to go but the thought of that spinning is already making me dizzy. :eek:
you would really want to go on this. it is worth spewing your green eggs and ham

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We went there last October and i do not go on hardly any rides, I went on the Cat in the Hat and came off feeling really sick, but i went on Spiderman loads of times, it was great. Because i do not like simulators, my son told me when it was going to up and fall (simulated not real) i closed my eyes and he told me when those bits were over. it was really great.


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