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Apr 8, 2000
We are going to US, IOA for the first time ever this year. I bought the books - Kelly's included!!

I was telling my boss about this Lucy thing - there may or may not be tons written about it - but I am here at work, and we are both really interested.

What's it like? food ok? Memorabelia really neat?

Thanks for the info!


The Lucy Tribute is basically a big museum of Lucy stuff. You see personal photos, letters, video clips, and other Lucy stuff. You can also play a trivia game. No prizes, but you get bragging rights with friends and family. :)


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Thank you both for the info - I guess the gift shop shouldn't surprise me one bit. I know it will be interesting to my boss!
I had fun looking at all the I love Lucy things on display. It's not very big (the gift shop is bigger) but they pack alot in. My favorite thing was the show clips they play on a television set.
Remember the one where Lucy sets her "nose" on fire in front of William Holden? Or the "vegamite" tonic one? It's was a hoot for "I Love Lucy" show fans.
I love the Lucy exhibit. Every time I'm there I stop in and say hello to Lucy. She is one of my greatest childhood memories. My favorite part is the costume display, there are not a lot,but, you will remember her wearing them. I usually buy something each time...I bought a book of post cards once and sent them as Christmas cards to my friends who were born in the 50's. It is one of my favorite spots at Universal Studios. I, for a short time worked in a television studio and miss it very much. The whole thing pulls me in like a magnet!
I enjoyed playing the Lucy trivia game which is set up near the entrace to the exhibit!

I loved watching "I Love Lucy" as a child as well. :D


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