sale on Disney hopper tickets


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Nov 15, 1999
Has anyone purchased through this website? I'm wondering if this is a limited time offer or something they always have available. 5 day hopper tickets were $184 for a child and $230 for an adult, a pretty good savings.
The southwest website simply sends you into the WDW website. Here is a thread where I talked about the differences between 7-day PHP passes.

The problem is that I haven't found an online broker that sells you the regular PH passes in advance. Ticketmania, for example, lists prices on their website for 5-day PH passes of $244/196 for adult/child (tax included). You have to pick up these tickets at their store. Note that the prices are actually identical to the Disney prices you listed (Disney prices are typically quoted before applying the 6.5% Florida sales tax - when you take this into account, 230 becomes 244 and 184 turns into 196 :) ).

In the case of regular PH passes, I think I would probably avoid the hassle and simply advance purchase them from Disney.
Ahh thanks for pointing the tax issue out, I didn't realize that, what a DUMBO!!


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