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    Hi everyone! I'm at the early phase of info gathering.Looking at summer 2011 5 night to bahamas.Who is best to book through? Disney? AAA? Small world vacations? Other?? How soon do I need to do this??? If I book early and a deal becomes available can I change reservations? Thanks again for all the help! Also...I do have money accumulated on a Disney Visa Card...can this be used toward a Cruise?
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    There are couple of things to consider when booking your cruise.

    If you book through Disney directly you will be in control of the reservation. You will be able to make changes to the ressie with no problem. But you will also be responsible for looking for and finding new promotions. You will then have to call DCL and get them to apply any promotions to your reservation.

    If you use a travel agent, any changes made to the reservation will need to be handled by the agent. DCL will not let you change the ressie. (You will still be able to go online and book on board activities on your own). But some travel agency do offer a service of watching your ressie for future discounts and will have them applied to your ressie if one is available. Also many TAs will offer you gifts or on-board credits for booking through them

    The prices of the cruises are pretty much standard across all TAs. Look for a TA that fits your needs. Some TA work out of the traditional office. Some work exclusively online. Other based on phone calls. Also look at any incentives the TA is offering.

    We have used Dreams Unlimited Travel as our TA since they were incorporated about 10 years ago. We have been very pleased. They do business exclusively online - no office.

    I am sure others will chime in with thier experiences with other TAs.

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