Some very cool Roller Coaster/Theme Park links


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Sep 26, 2000
I just wanted to share these. I spent a good part of today reading these and found them very interesting and fun!
Theme Park Links

I dont know how to post links but two other coaster sites i really enjoy are and I find both sites are very good with good info/rumors.
Thanks!! I just love reading up about coasters and such. To heck with my thesis! I can procrastinate more! LOL!! :D

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coaster buzz
thrill ride

All you have to do is...bring up th epage in your browser right click and copy it. Then click on URL and paste it and give it a title. Hope that helps ;)

Try this one, it is full of statistical info.<a href=""><font color=red>RCDB</a>

<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank><font color=royalblue>Visit the Unofficial Guide to Islands of Adventure!</A>


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