solo to china


Earning My Ears
Nov 13, 2002

am planning (hopefully) an abd trip to china in sept 2020 - unfortunately no one i know is interested so was wondering if there is a way that disney matches up singles on various trips? hate the thought of a 50 percent single supplement

thanks for any advice
To my knowledge, ABD does not do any sort of solo traveler matchup. But you might try here on the DIS and see if you can find someone interested.

It's a small point, but the single supplement is 40%. Every little bit helps.

They said if you are a solo party of 1 then you will get your own room. I asked that because I was comparing prices between party of 3 and separating to do 2 and 1. That single supplement 40% is not a great factor in price and kinda negates the early bird discount.


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