So here’s the story…

Scoop Sanderson

Earning My Ears
Aug 21, 2000
I had a busy morning yesterday, and was checking my email while trying to do ten other things (like stare at the Christmas Tree one last time pondering how I’m going to get everything put away). I had a couple of Pin Pals coming over for brunch and to look at my collection, trade, etc.. I got that email from the Bucklers, and decided to share it with my visitors. Scoop has a lot of friends in need, but this sounded special. It’s John who usually writes me about his grandson (and Judy even put his name in parentheses, which I omitted in the copy I posted to you all). I didn’t comprehend that John was NOT writing me, but that it was Judy. I sent them a reply, letting them know that they were in my prayers, and that I’d be getting something out to them.

Later, I actually read it out loud to my friends (with a few interruptions), and knowing that the grandson previously had been through (heart?) surgery, it didn’t seem impossible to any of us that a kid could have a heart attack. Besides, old John is a pretty sturdy fella. Anyway, I was getting a little emotional, Figgy IM’ed me, and my wheels were turning about what I could do. I wondered out loud several ideas how all our Pin Pals might get involved, and my friends and I decided the DISers were the ones who could make this happen.

I was up late getting my pins put away so my wife wouldn’t have to wake up to a mess, and then I finally decided to tackle getting this little campaign started. I didn’t want to call the hospital in the middle of the night, so I emailed The Bucklers for mailing info, and posted the letter they sent.

By the time I got home from work today, I still hadn’t heard from Judy. I checked the boards and there were 28 replies, which I just had to check out. After all, this was a good cause, and MY first thread! (Truly, I thought if I was lucky, I MIGHT hear from Nat or MeanLaureen.) Needless to say when I read all your responses, I became all emotional again. Actually, I sobbed a bit. (I’ve become so pathetic when it comes to this stuff.)

So I called the hospital. I didn’t know if the kids last name was Buckler like his grandparents, so I explained the situation to them, and they had a John Buckler, but it wasn’t a kid. He has a wife named Judy, so instead of putting two and two together, now I’m thinking the granddad is in there too.

My mind is reeling now. Finally it starts coming together just as the Nurse thinks she’s lost me. “Sir? Sir?”


Now I’m aghast. I’ve created a SCANDAL! Involving a CHILD! I could feel the microwaves from the cell phones of Disney attorneys and angry DISers. Joette would never believe this! Who do I call?! NOBODY! You’re ONLINE! Obi Wan! You’re my only hope!

That’s when I pulled it together and remembered who you are... Terrific people who know me too well.

Let’s face it, I have to be nuts to do what I do. I do the best I can, and I care.
Thank you so much for all your care and understanding.

See you at the “One O’Clock Talk”


Scoop it is us who should thank you for caring.
Scoop you are one of a kind, and I mean that in the best possible way...

My favorite thing to do when I meet newbie pin traders, or family pin traders, is to send them
to your seminar...especially for the pin etiquette part...then get to see them after your seminar
and thanking me for sending them, and how much they learned...We had one family w/ two sisters that we
sent over recently, they were here over Christmas and NYE, and they said they tried to get
to most of seminars each day, before they hit the that's what you call groupies!!!

Keep up the wonderful work..

Had it not been for the posts on this board on DIS I would not have asked Mark Jones if it were possible for me to attend a pin talk. I did not specify which and let Mark pick the time and place for me. It really made my trip. Pin trading is a passion. If you ever get to Miami come to TDS at the Falls. We have some avid pintraders there. Also a few sharks, but we know who they are.
I could not do any at the August Pin Event in EPCOT because there were no intepreters and even after I spoke to some of the CM in charge I don't think they took me seriously. I'm too oral and don't sound like I have any hearing problem when I speak. I know I missed a lot in August including the auction which I could not follow at all and all the talks.
We know how much of an emontional time this whole story is, our hearts and prayers go out to John and his whole family, We wish the best for all of them, and we are behind you totally!
Kris & Sharon
get a story wrong once in a while. We all love you and I have to ask out loud, " What difference does it make the age of the person goiing through such difficulties?" Obviously John Sr collects pins too or you and he would not be a closely acquainted. He and Judy are going through very difficult times and pins are threapy for many of us. If a few of our pins can help him, no matter his age, I think the DISers, Dispinners and others are still there for help and support.

Thanks for taking all the time to explain, but in the long run the only incorrect information was the age. That doesn't typically change peoples minds about reaching out.

LisaPooh I do so wish you could hear Scoops rendition of RinderCella. I don't think there is anyway to sign it, and part of the story is the tone inflectiona and speed with which Scoop does such an impossible jumble of syllables.

We love you Scoopster, I don't think the villagers are lighting any torches and headed your way.
I just thought an explanation was due.

And I thought it was kinda funny that I could screw something up so good. Mrs. Buckler thought it was funny, too. I wish I could have told her how far this reached, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

Thanks for everything.
Hi Scoop!
I don't believe that we have had a chance to meet yet... but being MeanLaureen's twin sister, I feel I already know you!
I have a NC pin that is on it's way to John :)

I hope to get a chance to really meet you when we come to WDW next.... I'm easy to spot... I'm the one lugging around the big plush Eeyore with his own lanyard! He just loves to trade with kids ;)

Hugs and thanks for letting us know all about this!
aka Eeyore64
aka just me! Kathi
If there is a way those interpreters could do it. They are really amazing. Especially Angela and Vince. Those two are so skilled. And Theresa kept up with Scoop very well I think. An hour and 1/2 of interpreting.


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