Sleigh Rides at WL?


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Feb 8, 2001
I just read about sleigh rides at WL in a newsletter and am wondering if someone can tell me about them. Dumb question - how do you have "sleigh rides" without snow? :) Also, it said it was $30 per carriage - how many people does a carriage hold? How long do they last? Has anyone been on one in the past? Is it worth the $$?

Thanks! I'm always on the look out for something new to try! :)
We just did the "sleigh" ride for Thanksgiving. It lasted 30 minutes and we went on a path through the woods to the Fort Wilderness petting zoo area and turned around and went back to the Wilderness Lodge Resort.

It was a gorgeous carriage painted red and green (very Christmassy looking). The seats were red leather and we fit fine with extra room(DH, myself, 14 yr old son and two daughters 4 and 8 years) I was worried about how many people could fit, but DH and I aren't small people and we had plenty of room. The sleigh was drawn by a huge Clydesdale named Luke. The wheels of the carriage are kind of hidden behind "runners". Everyone that was standing around the valet area of the WL was kind of wowed when it drove up. The driver was named Crystal and she was very friendly. She told us she is going to put jingle bells on the sleigh. There was supposed to be a blanket in the sleigh, but it was missing. I am sure she will round one up for future riders.

We did it for kicks and we enjoyed it. Something different. Saw some deer in the woods. We did it at 5:30 and pulling up to the WL at 6ish was great. All the beautiful lights were on and it was a pretty sight. I thought it was a pretty good deal - 1/2 hour for $30. You have to pay cash or room charge and tip isn't included.

Hope this helped. Let me know if you need more info. I think I answered the questions.

We did it this past Friday night. It was WONDERFUL. Just me and my husband, very romantic. It can be chilly at night, but they have blankets for you. However, I would say the carriage could hold 4 people...not sure exactly. Call 407-WDW-PLAY for reservations and they'll tell you how many people can go.

It's 30 minutes - they depart from the front of WL, right where you drive up upon check-in. They ride through the woods towards Fort Wilderness and back. Of course, there's no snow, BUT they wheels are hidden so it looks like a sleigh. It's really nice. I'm very glad that we did it.

Thank you SO MUCH for your quick replies. I'm assuming I need to make reservations for this ahead of time?? Who do I contact? Do you need to be a guest of WL to make a reservation?


You don't have to be a guest of the WL to take the ride. I would make reservations ahead of time, because it may sell out. DW and I took the ride last year and enjoyed it.
Hi, I'm going to Disney the 10th throught 13 and saw that the carriage rides were both at WL and the Port Orleans resort area....silly me thought it was $30 pp, so I would agree that $30 for the 4 would be a great deal....and think that I will plan it. THanks for giving us the information
BTW, I am trying to get MVMCP tickets for the Dec 10 sold out. Ebay is pushing the limits re price. Does anyone have 2 extra for sale?

Colorado Belle....counting the days but cant' figure out that counter thing! :guilty:
We're doing the carriage ride at Camp Wilderness instead of at the Lodge. We did it last year and really enjoyed the Christmas lights and decorations on the RVs :).

Here's a picture:


Thanks for the info everyone. I didn't know about this and will look into it when we go (in less than 2 weeks!) :jumping3:
FYI - I called 2 weeks ago to make a reservation for us to do the Carriage Ride. All times were sold out from Dec. 12 to the 18th. The number to call is 1-407-WDW-PLAY.
Thanks for the info, CoolDisneyCat. That stinks because I'll be there during those dates :mad:
I just called to try to reserve a Sleigh Ride and they are completely sold out between 12/18 and 12/23 :mad: That's a bummer as we have never heard of them and my daughter was getting all excited about it.

I am one of those people who have a sleigh ride on December 18th. (One of the sold out dates.) When I called in October there were only two slots left for the 18th: 5:30p and 7:30p. We took the 5:30p.
Suzanne033 said:
I am one of those people who have a sleigh ride on December 18th. (One of the sold out dates.) When I called in October there were only two slots left for the 18th: 5:30p and 7:30p. We took the 5:30p.

We have it for Christmas Eve. We called in October, exactly 60 days out. We knew it wasn't something you could wait on.
We got a sleigh ride booked last week for the 13th, at 9:30 pm.
Even the CM said that she was suprised to see one available, just "lucked out"!
but, people do cancel...just keep calling! :cool1:

Looking forward to our first sleigh ride!
And thanks for all the great info! :wave:
WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called again today and now they had an opening for the sleigh ride on the 18th at 7:30 PM!!!!!!!!! :cool1:

I guess that someone must have canceled.

:worship: THANKS for telling me to keep trying. It worked!!!

I had that time (12/18 @ 7:30pm) originally but I switched to 5:30pm.

Congratulations! Persistance always wins.
We had 2 sleigh rides for our party of 8 on Dec. 3. It was a great way to wrap up our stay at the Wilderness Lodge. It was voted favorite activity by my MIL.

Kelly was our driver and Travis was our horse. Kelly said the actual ride is about 20-25 minutes.

In the first sleigh, we had 3 adults and a 10, 8, and 2 year old. In the 2nd sleigh, we had 2 adults and 2 children. It was so peaceful. The only noise we heard was the jingle of our sleigh bells. We will definately do this again!

Thank YOU Suzanne003!!! :D

I don't know how come there were no sleigh rides available the others time I called but it doesn't matter. I got it at the end. Yoo - hoo!!! :Pinkbounc

Dis boards is great!

I am unfamiliar with the WL. Can anyone give me tips on transportation btw. there and CBR? Thanks! :wave:


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