Single fun at Citywalk


Bad to the Bone
Apr 29, 2001
I am a single parent vacationing with my son in the first week of June. We will be staying at HRH and website has really aided me in some of my travel decisions. I would like to go to Citywalk and enjoy Bob Marley's or some of the other establishments, but are mostly couples there? Can single adults feel comfortable and have fun in Citywalk nightlife too? My son and I will have a blast but one night during our 5 night stay I would like spend some time in an adult only setting. any advise?
I cant help you too much but first of all I think it would be a rather safe environment for enjoying a night out - just remember the regular "rules" for taking care of oneself. There is so much to choose from at City Walk - there is a web site that has all the nightclubs listed (and restaurants) that you might want to look at - - it might be helpful. Latin Quarter sounded fun to me. Maybe you and your son could check out some of the places together during restaurant hours and then you could go back at a later time by yourself.

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Polynesian Concierge 2001
We had our son with us one evening, early 20's, at Bob Marley's...he had a great time, Iin fact we hardly saw him, it didn't take him long to meet other young people at all) he ended up heading over to the groove after midnight or so...we went to bed...he had a great time. ;)


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