Should we take time from Disney for boys ages 6 and 3?


Earning My Ears
Feb 25, 2001
Hi, my husband and I are taking our boys to Disney May 16-22 for the first time and are trying to decide if we should take a day for Universal, especially if this is a busier time at Disney. If so, which Universal park?

Thanks for any advice.

I think the crowds at WDW will be light considering most schools are still in session. I would definitely take a trip to US/IOA. If your boys are adventurous, then I'd suggest IOA, which has a lot of great rides, but most are thrill rides. US has the ET Ride, Barney Show, Woody Woodpecker's Fun Zone(with a kid's rollercoaster, play area, wonderful water park, etc.), Jaws, Kongfrontation, Twister, etc. Personally I prefer IOA but that's because I'm a thrill ride freak.
Most definately! I would suggest that you get a two day pass so that you can jump between the two parks. Both boys will love Men in Black and Terminator two at USF and Spiderman and Jurasic Park in IOA. It is so different than Disney. My son is actually giving up going to Disney this time so that he can do all the more action packed rides at Universal (he's 12). You can use the second day's pass on another trip since it never expires.

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