Should I go to FL Fri-Sun (non WDW) for free?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by frannn, Nov 5, 2004.

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    Nov 2, 1999
    My company is in FL, I work from home in NY. There are a few other employees in NY. My company has offered to fly us all there (not spouses or children) for their XMas party (will probably be a dinner at a nice restaraunt), and to take part in their new art gallery show. I believe most, if not all, the other NY employees have decided not to go, due to health and the timing (mid Dec). Everyone went last year, and we all had a good time, but ended up being stuck an extra day in FL (oh, the horror!) due to the big snowstorm. I love FL (but I love WDW more), and was looking forward to this trip. Due to most of the NY'ers backing out, my boss mentioned something (not to me) about his maybe coming here and having a luncheon for all of us instead. As far as I know, he will still pay for my plane fare if I want to go there. I don't know if he will get me a room or ask me to stay at one of my FL coworker's homes.... I am torn because I would be leaving my DH and DD2 (other DDs would be spending the weekend at their dad's regardless), and I might still have to spend some time in the office Fri. I would not have a rental car, and would probably have to pay for most of my own meals, except the party. So, the draws would be to 1) be in the state I love, and 2) see my coworkers/friends.
    Do you think it is worth going?
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    Aug 15, 2003
    It sounds like you are weighing all the pros and cons.

    I would love to go for a couple reasons, but only if money isn't an issue to you like it is to me. Without a rental car you can't get to the outlets or DTD or anywhere without paying for a taxi. I would like a 2 day break from the kiddos and DH that I love dearly but I never have time by myself. If that appeals to you, and you can afford a rental car (gotta hit the outlets) and meals, etc.; then go for it.

    I love that city because of WDW but we never have time to spend at DTD or outlets, etc. because our trips have to be so short (about 4 days) and we want to maximize park time.

    If you will miss your kids too much, can't afford it, or don't need a break; I wouldn't go just to be in Florida. HTH

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