should i go to disneyland


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Jun 16, 2000
i will be in san diego next week (4/25 - 4/29). how far is it to disneyland? would i need to rent a car?

i live 1 hour from magic kingdom in florida and have been there so many times i have lost count, is it same/better/worse? i will have my husband and 6-year old daughter in tow. thanks in advance for your help.
The drive is about 90 minutes.

What you'll see that's not in Fla:

New attractions:
The Matterhorn bobsleds and Indiana Jones.

Different than Florida:
Enchanted Tiki Room, It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain, Great Moments with Mr Lincoln (Hall of Presidents with just Lincoln).

The LA park is much smaller, making getting around much easier. Fantasmic is also a different show. If you leave about 8am, which should be easy with the time change, you'll be at the park by 9:30am. Spend a couple of hours doing the new stuff, have a relaxing afternoon and see some of you MK favorites again. Pick out seats for Fantasmic (it's on Tom Sawyer Island) between the Mark Twain and POC about 6pm and relac until showtime.

Good luck and enjoy the trip.

Also there is California Adventure, which is 1-2 days. :D

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<font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color=#00009c>There are also the Fantasyland attractions not at WDW ~ Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toads, Casey Jr Circus Train, & Storybook Land Canal boats.

Tinkerbelle flies down from the Matterhorn mountain past the castle.

The fireworks are also different.

I think the best thing to do is drive, but you also have the option of taking the train, then a taxi for the 10 minute ride to Disneyland.

I think it's well worth the visit. :)

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What kind of silly question is that??? :eek:

Of course you should go to Disneyland!!!! :D

It would be very un-Disney-like of you to be so close and not go.....what would Mickey think if he knew you had the perfect opportunity to visit him and you just passed it up????? :eek: I don't think he would like it one bit. You get your plans together and get yourself on over to Disneyland!!! :D :) :D :)


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