Should I do DDP? 9/27-10/4

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by idreamdisney, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Feb 20, 2007
    We've already booked our flights and we're 5 days too late to get the FREE dining, unfortunately. But I'm still wondering if my husband and I should try to buy the dining plan. Our only complication is that we're traveling w/ my parents, who have booked us all the GF and my mom is going to buy an AP so we can all get the AP rate for our stay. They're thinking this will save us a lot more money than doing the DDP, but I'm still not sure. Of course, we can't do both so I'm trying to decide. And if we do the DDP, my parents would have to as well...unless I split up our ressies and do DDP in lieu of the AP discount.

    The people traveling are:
    Me--not so big appetite
    My husband--very big appetite
    My 2 yr old who will turn 3 on our trip--not too picky and normally shares off my plate at restaurants
    My mom--likes to sit down for a meal at least once a day
    My dad--diabetic and on a very strict diet--mostly lean meat and veggies

    Does anyone know how low of a rate we could get w/ an AP discount at the GF? Any suggestions on which would be the most economical while still being able to relax and enjoy ourselves? WE are on a strict budget, but my parents are not...therein lies the complication!

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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