Should I bring my double stroller or two singles?


Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2001
I have 2 children (3 yo DS and 18 mo DD). We are going to WDW in early May. Our decision is -- do we bring our double stroller (Graco DuoGlider - lightweight and easy to fold) or 2 single lightweight strollers. Anyone have any info/ experiences?

We went to WDW when DS was 15 mo old and used a lightweight stroller. It worked well enough, but didn't recline for naps (not a big deal with DS now), and wasn't too easy to stear. I am thinking that having 2 singles would be nice, b/c we could split up rather easily.

Any help is very much appreciated!
Thanks a ton!
JenC in MD

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We were just there in September with our 3-1/2 and 1-1/2 year old and brought our Graco Literider and Evenflo Trendsetter strollers and were very happy we did. Both boys had their own reclining stroller with a tray for their snacks. We did not find it cumbersome at all. We just had the strollers folded and ready for when the tram came to take us to our car. One of us got on first, handed the kids over, then the other one loaded the strollers. Taking two strollers were no problem at all on the monorail. I also loved having the two big baskets underneath.

Also, I bought one of those 'over the back of the seat' organizers for the car (the ones that fit over the back of the front seats) and used it for my stroller. There was a pocket that a water bottle fit in perfectly, plus other pockets that I was able to put wipes, sunglasses, camera, etc. in. It strapped on very nicely at the top and at the bottom. I then just reclined the seat when we parked the stroller so our stuff wasn't just hanging out in plain site. We were also able to use the basket under the stroller as well -- the organizer didn't really get in the way of the basket much at all.
Here is a pic of what I mean:
Although, I got it from somewhere like Walmart and only paid probably 10.00. The one I got had ties on the bottom (one on each side) that I tied onto the bottom bars of the stroller, and a large snap strap on the top and fit around the top of the stroller
Last year with my 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 DDs, we took 2 single strollers and these attachments 'things' that you can use to link them together. We were able to stroll them separately most of the time (easier to manuever) and could link them if we grownups had to split up for a bit. (You should be able to find the attachment pieces on any of the baby sites - they only cost about $10-15.) Being able to connect the strollers was good since sometimes we needed to split up, and the strollers were able to move pretty well. (The biggest problem was getting the inside front wheels to point the same way.)
I'd definitely take the two single strollers - sometimes it can just be too crowded to get anywhere with a double wide, and I, myself, cannot manage to fold/lift my cousin's one-behind the other double stroller. I call that one "the tank", for obvious reasons. It nearly killed me the day I tried to get it into the back of my minivan :)

Schmeck, way beyond those stroller days, and missing them terribly!

We were all weirded out about strollers at wdw too. We'll be at wdw next week. dd is 7 yo, but suffers from heart defects, so walking around even a bit will tire her fast. ds is 1 yo and a stroller is a must. We had 7 strollers and none were good enough, they were either too big, too small, too heavy, didn't recline, didn't have a canopy etc.,. I thought about renting for both kids but I want ds to have a stroller at hand all the time. I finally decided on taking the double stroller for both kids until I took it for a test run and the wheel BROKE off. So I went to TOYS R US and brought Graco Literider for ds! It's an excellent stroller. I think it weighs about 12 lbs! It has a canopy, a big basket, in reclines and has TWO trays with a total of three cup holders! I LOVE IT!

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My kids are 26 months apart and we've taken 5 trips to WDW with them (our first kid got a few extra visits in before child #2 came along). They are now ages 5 and 3.
We have always used a double stroller with them. For us, it is easier to take turns pushing the stroller, rather than both having to push one each all day. There is only one stroller to fold or lift or maneuver, rather than two.
Good luck with whatever you choose.
we have a double, but have always used 2, we find it easier to get around, and to seperate if needed. We also find it easier to transport, fold up, etc, the 2 smaller strollers.



When we went last October with my 2 nephews (18 mo. and 3.5 yrs.), my sister brought two umbrella strollers rather than her bulky double stroller. For our group, it worked out very well.

However - We had a 2:1 adult:kid ratio, so there were always two extra adults to take turns pushing etc.. when we split up, there would always be two adults in the group with the kids (or my BIL would take the young one back to the resort for a nap while my sister stayed in the parks with the older one for alittle longer).
Go for 2 strollers. We ended up only bringing one when we went to Downtown Disney, the older DD wanted to walk... They were both happy to have recliners at the park and little DD couldn't pull big DD's hair from the back seat of the double!


Judie B
I like a double in line. Wouldn't use a double wide.


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