Sheraton Vistana Villages

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    Jan 22, 2008
    Hoping someone can answer some questions for me. We just booked a trip May 8th through the 15th at Sheraton Vistana Villages. This will be our first trip offsite. Can anyone tell me how far it is from the Disney parks and if it's convenient to go back to the resort for breaks. We have two toddlers so taking a mid day break from the parks is essential. This was never a problem before as we were on site and so now I'm wondering if this is going to be doable. And if anyone who has gone from onsite to staying at this resort can tell me how they liked it that would be great. I won't miss the disney themeing so that's not a concern for me. Just really concerned about what activities they have for toddlers and we have one teenager and the transportation issue. Thanks so much for any information. :yay:

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