Shady spots at Discovery Cove


I Love Rabbit!
Apr 8, 2019
My family does not tan, we may be physically incapable of doing so!

Planning a trip to DC this summer and wanted to check with the experts on the availability of shade. I know we can reserve a cabana, but it is already a pretty expensive day. Are there lounger areas under trees and/or umbrellas? Which area of the park is best for max shade. We will use the provided sunscreen and wear swim shirts for sun protection also, but the more shade the better!


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Dec 30, 2004
there are many shady spots under both umbrellas & trees, no worries. Arrive early and set up ‘camp’ before breakfast. My fav spot is where you can view the dolphin lagoons & as a bonus it’s near bathhouse & one of the bars :).

You will get plenty of sun throughout the day especially at snorkel lagoon. Swim shirts a good idea but the wetsuits also are great, many wear throughout the day...the water can be cool

Michael Webb

Earning My Ears
Jul 22, 2018
I guess that was my first thought. To do the dolphin encounter and few other extras, you need to wear their wetsuits. We ended up wearing them all day. These provide a lot of coverage from the sun so that plus their environmentally friendly sunscreen will cover you when you HAVE to be in the sun. Besides that, arrive as early as you physically can and stake out your preferred shady spot. You can ask a park employee to guide you to one. They just can't do anything for you if they are all already taken.


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Aug 29, 2018
There's always good places to escape the sun at Discovery Cove! The aviary is generally well-shaded, as are sections of the lazy river, the otter area, etc..

Areas that are sunned first thing in the morning may be shady later in the day, and vice-versa. There's usually always someplace good, and most people will be enjoying the experiences rather than lounging around anyway. For afternoon shade, the area near the lazy river entrance, including the loungers on land and the area in the water in front of the waterfall are usually pretty good.


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