Sex and The City Finale Party! Will you be there?


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Aug 18, 1999
Don't forget, the special begins at 8pm, with SATC beginning in their usual time slot of 9pm!

Who is bringing what?

I think I said I'd bring the Pizza!

Who's bringing the Cosmos?
Oh come on Dan! I was counting on you to at least bring some kind of snack, maybe a low carb turkey wrap? ;)
I'll bring the tissues:( I'm sure some of us will need them. I'm so so sad to see the best show on TV gone.
I will need those tissues!!! I dont want it to end!!! Oh, how I hope Carrie and Big get married in Paris, and Oh, how I hope Charlotte gets her baby and Oh, how I hope Samantha tells her beau she loves him and Oh, how I hope Miranda lives happily ever after in Brooklyn!!

I will bring the NY Cheesecake!

Wishing everyone a "magical" day!:wave:
I'll bring several rounds of cosmos and my Manolos.
I just got a new martini shaker, so I guess I can use it tonight for the first time making cosmos!!
Count me in! I'm chilling my martini glasses right now:Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc
I will be there in spirit...I don't have HBO, but I have rented seasons 1-5 and love-love-love Carrie and the gang. I wish so badly I could watch it tonight!
I will be there in spirit too. In the UK we still have five episodes to go. I will be here on the CB tomorrow night to read the spoilers.
Bring the cosmos? Heck, I'm so distraught over the show ending that I've been drinking since 1pm...

Just kidding! I have to work tonight, so I am avoiding ANY kind of communication medium there and on the way home tomorrow morning until I can settle in and watch my tape. The last thing I want to do is log on to the DIS or AOL and see the ending discussed at 2am tonight!

I am going to wear my nameplate necklace to work tonight, for old times' sake... Sniff, sniff.

That is SO cheating! You lucky gal!

Come over and vote on my poll ladies!
Originally posted by MOMTOMOOTOO
I'll bring the tissues:( I'm sure some of us will need them. I'm so so sad to see the best show on TV gone.

I totally agree:D

kleenexes will be needed...along with the cosmos...i must dull the pain!!!

i can't believe this is the last sex and the city...

what a ride it's been!
I'll be there will my version of a martini in hand! I so want Carrie to end up with Mr. Big, but I believe they will leave her single for some reason. We'll see..... But- since the other girls have all gotten hooked up, there may be hope for Mr.Big and Carrie. It's driving me CRAZY!!!
I think they'll be together - but not married.

I just finished watching the last show of season 4 last night - when Miranda had Brady. That's caught me up since I started watching it last year. I used to not be a "Big" fan - but after seeing everything - I do want them to end up together - and they sure made it look like they would last week.

I'm REALLY going to miss this show. There's nothing else even close to it on TV.

There was a special on one of the cable channels this weekend that showed all of them in their early days. I think Samantha (Kim Cattrell) looks better as a brunette. Did anyone else see that?
I am here for the party. Only 6 mins to go for the "Fairwell, Party" on HBO...
I have ding-dongs and pepsi. :o I need my sugar for the depression.
I think Big will sweep her off her feet in Paris, and bring her back to NYC!

But I think they'll just be a couple, I don't see Carrie getting married any time soon!

Won't be long now girls!


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