September Use Year at WLV sold out


Jan 30, 2001
I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. I just talked to my guide and she informed me that the September Use Year was sold out, but she could put me on the waiting list for a 100 point add-on.
Sorry you weren't able to get that add-on right away. Hopefully one will come through for you. I was holding my breath & crossing my fingers when I called this morning, and fortunately our use year (August) was still available and we were able to do a small add-on. The guide (not mine -- he's out of the office AGAIN! LOL) said several use years are gone now, though.
I was very relieved to be able to add onto our February use year. I called this Saturday, with every finger and toe crossed for luck.

I hope that your waitlist comes through.
We started our process on December, closed a few weeks ago, and have a September use year. We were told at the initial meeting that we would get either August or September. We requested September when the time came as we had a resale pending at BWV that was a September use year. Worked out perfectly!
FYI...I bought into VWL the second day it was offered for sale and got a June use year. So, I assume all of those who bought in for the first time (not add-ons) ended up with June, or so, use years. Since then I have added on twice with June use years!


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