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  1. bluejasmine

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    Mar 5, 2005
    It states specific facial and massage. Elemis hydra lift facial and Elemis Deep Tissue massage.

    Can those be changed to another facial or massage if the prices are the same as the above?

    Really wanted the hot stone massage and hubby wanted the facial with shave and I wanted the facial that taylors to your skin needs..

    Anyone had experience in swapping services to include in this package?

    Also does it include hot tub time and tea?
  2. mybeachbabies

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    Dec 30, 2010
    We did the Couples Choice and they let us pick anything we wanted for our treatments. We both chose the hot stone massage. They will do combos too...half massage/half facial, half massage/half wrap etc. I'm assuming the Romantic Hideaway would be similar just shorter in time.

    The couples villa treatments all include a footwash, hot tub time, tea and fruit. You will get the footwash first, then they leave so you can have alone time in the hot tub. I think you get 25 -30 mins of hot tub time. Then you have your treatment. Afterwards you can go back out to the verandah for tea and fruit.

    Very relaxing and a very nice way to reconnect with your partner

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