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Oct 25, 2000
We will be visiting Universal in a few weeks. I am traveling with my 8 and 11 year olds who are looking forward to the many fun rides that Universal has to offer. My In-laws will be traveling with us. Are there atractions that seniors would be interested in as well or should they hang back at the hotel? Thanks
My parents came with us on our trip last week. Both are in good health. Dad is 70, but has a history of throwing out his back, mom is 61. They definately enjoyed USF more than IOA. The only thing my dad did at IOA was Journey to Atlantis. Anything else could aggravate is back. Mom did Spiderman and Journey to Atlantis. Over at the Studios they both did MIB, T3, Twister, Jaws and watched the Animal show. Blues Brothers, etc. I guess it depends on your in-laws condition and whether they enjoy thrill rides.
I would suggest that your in laws can have a lot of fun with their grandchildren at places like Camp Jurassic and Seuss landing in IOA and Animal Actors, the Nickelodeon Studio Tour, and Curious george at USF. (My guess is that If I Ran the Zoo and Me Ship the Olive (IOA) will be too "babyish" for your kids.) This might also give you a chance to get away for more "adult" things.

For their own enjoyment, your in laws might also enjoy the Hitchcock Show. Don't forget that if the whole family goes on the Hanna Barbnera ride, there are non-moving seats for your in laws.

BTW, I think an earlier poster meant Poseidon's Fury at IOA. Journey to Atlantis is at SeaWorld.P

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Thanks Kelly, I did mean to say Poseidon's Fury brain's still in vacation mode. I can't even imagine my parents going on Journey to Atlantis. :eek:
I just went to US on Jan 2 with my bf and his 50 yr old parents. Now his dad is a coaster fan but him mom in not. She LOVED every ride she went on. It all depends on the people. If they don't mind a little shaking around and waiting in some lines then you will have a great time. We skipped MIB and Back to the Future but did everything else we could do including Nickelodeon. Lines were not to bad longest line was Kong but we had fun nonetheless. It all depends on the type of people. But I would suggest taking them along. They may even remeber some of the movies such as Kong, Jaws and Earthquake. Plus there is an Alfred Hitchcok show too. I had a great time and was surprised after every ride when we asked his mom if she liked the ride/show and we received a great big smile and a YES! :D . I am sure they will enjoy going. To help prepare try to show them a brochure and explain some of the rides if need be and make the decision from that. I would not recommend taking them to IOA though. That is coaster lovers only I am sorry to say. Good Luck and have FUN! :cool:

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We are returning next month for our third visit and are building up the nerve to include coasters this time. But I am a chicken grandmother who loves Universal Orlando. :) I am not as old as your seniors, but getting there. :D

My snowbird parents like to spend a day at USF with us when we go down to Orlando to the parks. My 70 year old mom did every ride including Back to the Future and loved it all. My dad especially enjoyed Terminator. They much prefer Universal to Disney. They love the movie star actors such as Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin walking around. Definately, include them in everything!
Thanks everyone for you input. I'll think we'll bring pops and nannie to USF on the day we go there and leave them with the baby while my wife ,daughter 11, son 8, and I visit IOA on a separate day.


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