See you soon!


DisCon cosmic commando
Sep 18, 1999
I am travelling to Salvador, in the North of Brazil, tomorrow. I will be staying there at least till Friday, mostly unconnected :eek: I am so upset about my internet withdrawal that I am taking all the addresses of the cyber cafes in the city with me, in my palm. It should be a nice work trip. Salvador is very pretty, with sandy beaches, old churches, spicy food, lots of folk art. I am taking my camera with me. Of course, i am not telling that to my boss... ;) He might think this is vacation...
The problem is that as I log off tonight, I will also be disconnecting my cables and sending my computer to the doctor. My CDR has crashed ... and it is just 6 month old! So I don't really know when i will be able to connect from home again. I will probably be hurrying in and out for a while.
Hugs to all. See you soon.
{{{{HUGS}}}} livia honey!!!!

Hope you have a good trip..I will be thinking of you. I hope your computer comes back soon and we see you soon!!!
<font face="comic sans ms"> Livia, {{{hugs}}}. I hope that your vacation, er- I mean work trip to Salvador is wonderful. I also hope that they fix your computer in a fast and efficient manner. :D

Have a good trip, Livia. Be safe, and enjoy the beaches if you can! :) Hope the flying isn't too scary.
Have fun, Livia! Don't work too hard. Well, not any harder than you have to anyway!;) It sounds beautiful there! Hope you get "connected" again soon. We'll miss you!

Have a great trip Liv honey! Don;t worry, when you get back, your pc will be all better and we will all be here waiting for you!
See you sooN!
Have a safe trip, Livia! :D Hope you get time to enjoy the city, sounds like a beautiful place.

Get well computer pixie dust ~*~*~*~*~*~ to your home computer. :D
Livia, have a wonderful trip-whatever the reason! ;) We'll miss you. {{{{hugs}}}}
Thanks for the good wishes. I am here! I mean, I am here in Salvador.
It was an ok flight. I was afraid but not overcome with fears. I arrived, checked into the hotel and ran to an interview. Not much time to eat an acaraje yet...

I want to register here that I have been badly spoiled by WDw resorts and cruise line. I could not help but compare my room here... Do you know those tiny single beds? :rolleyes:

Well, this is ok. This is work, not fun...:p Anyway, I think I am gonna like it here.
Glad to hear you could overcome your fears about flying, Livia....and equally glad that you are able to keep connected with all of us!


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