See everyone at MG Con!


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Aug 20, 1999
I probably won't be able to get on the boards tomorrow before I leave, so I will see most of you this weekend! :)
Watch your rear view mirror Barry! I'll be in the blue volkswagon behind you on I-75!
We'll be arriving late in the afternoon so we'll probably see y'all Friday morning and definately @ Mythos on Saturday!


:smooth: <--off to MG-CON! (bringing bead catching net)

Oh, yeah, and have a great trip! :wave:
Me too, driving to BGT on I-75, leaving at 5am. I'll do the coaster tour, then over to IOA at noon and hopefully the lines will be ok since most are at work Friday. I know they'll clear out at closing time, that's when I'll get some rides in. Then the lunch Saturday, should be fun.

Sorry you're missing out Robin. We'll be thinking of you.
Hey Dave,
Plenty of fun left for you, we'll have a big tab run up in your name by Sun. Morn! (we'll help you wash dishes at Mythos... some!)
Glad you can be there, we'll see ya Sunday! I hope you know, late arrivals buy a round at Backwater!!

Hmmmmm.....wonder if my boss will notice the tab on my corporate card. After all, this is during my business trip. And since I'm saving the company soooo much money by flying Saturday afternoon........;)
Amen Brutha!
All you gotta do is tell us how good your company is for 120 seconds and it's a great write-off! I'll listen!!
You ain't scared of coasters are ya? I got a great game for gamblers on this stuff!!
As I left, Chef Mark was talking about all sorts of lovely things that the MG Con was having for lunch...

I wish I could have stayed awake for it. I came home, napped and am heading back in...They are all having a really good time!

Robin, I will meet you next time!

Donna-Before you hit USJ, let me know, I'll send you what I know.


Suffice it to say Notatourist is COOL.

It was great being able to meet this person. Especially since i have seen them before in the park on more than a few occasions.

Notatourist, next time you are free and it is lunch time, swing by MYTHOS. If i am there you are more than welcome to join me, and i will buy you lunch.


Thanks MIB.

Did you guys have a good time at the parade?
Yes we did and all the little girls on the floats were just dumping the beads on MsDis #1 son.

We stayed until the end off the .38 Special concert. The crowd looked and felt exceptionally large. Not sure why, since this crowd seemed as large as the one for the Pointer Sisters.

we are planning our parade stratagy for when James Brown is here in two weeks. :jester:

For those of you wondering, Notatourist saw me, saw the Spiderman Shirt, put two and two together and said so you are the one that disrupted my tour one time. MIB999999 is the one that did it!!!:D
Question for MIB...

We (me and my soms) were in line at ET on Saturday (about 3:30 or 4:00) and I think with you and some others were in the Express Lane with us... wearing a Spiderman shirt. I told them I thought it might be the MIB guy with the hints on the internet... they asked how I knew. I just knew.... not sure how.... you seemed like you knew what you were talking about (the crowds, etc.) and that shirt was a dead giveaway. I think you had maybe mentioned in here you'd have it on.

Anyway, if it was indeed you, I heard you say something about not giving your real first name on the ET ride. What was that all about? Why do they even take your name? I've never been to USF before, so all this stuff was new to me. I saw NO point to the whole name giving thing and the pass they print out. What was that??

BTW, we had a blast on MIB... played it at least a half dozen times (Express access by staying at the HRH was the BEST!)... never got over 300,000... but kept trying. left your hints back at the hotel room, which was a mistake. Should've gone back for them!!!

And also... IMHO, the Spiderman ride at IOA is the greatest thing I've EVER been on... what a great ride. More parks should take a lesson from Universal and put in rides like that!!! What a thriller!!!

Later (and thanks to all of you for some great advice).... BUZZ
They ask for your name because at the end of the ride ET says "goodbye________"
(Your name in the blank). Yu have to listen carefully to hear it and it doesn't always work.
Beachbuzzard, we were there around that time frame. as gschmerl stated, ET is suppose to say goodbye to you as the ride comes to the end. It has not worked for the longest time but it was working 2/9.
Robert Walker said he was with a group and they all gave the name BOB. so at the end ET said Goodbye BOB, Bob, BOB..... ET only says Goodbye once followed by all the names in that particular car. the verbal effect would have been cool.
you probably were not sure if it was me since i am older than most people expect. Yes i was wearing the spiderman shirt. You should have said hi, and that you needed MIB lessons. :D :D :smooth:
Yeah, I should have chirped up. I was sure it was you... but not 100% sure... so I just kept quiet. We were standing almost immediately to your right... I had on a Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Play it! hat I had won in the hot seat over at MGM a couple days earlier.

I don't think any of us noticed ET saying goodbye to us!! It must not be very loud.

Now I know what you look like. My next visit... if I run across that shirt... I'll know... and will take you up on the MIB lesson offer!!! Even though we never scored real high, we were almost always the best car (except for the time me and my boys were all over 100,000 and the car averaged 65,000... we turned around and wondered what was going on in the back row!!)... even the first time we played, just from keeping the trigger pressed and aiming between the eyes. In some ways it was fun trying to figure it out for ourselves!!

I wasn't too up on MG-CON before I left, it was our first (but not last) trip to USF. We had a blast.

Later.... BUZZ
For hygiene reasons i do not wear the shirt every weekend, although the way MsDis stayed up wind from me she might think i do.

Next trip down let me know and i would be glad to meet you for some MIB training.

If you want to do the VIP tour let me know. Since meeting Notatourist and just listening to a short bit of the info, even i who live here is considering paying the money to do it once. If EARL buys lunch i will even do it twice!!:D
I only got to meet Notatourist "en passant" (as we chess players say) as I was coming into Mythos and Notatourist was on the way out.

I took the VIP tour some years ago and it's AWESOME! Apparently it's considered a plum, job at UO and the guides compete fiercely for the open slots and have to passa rigorous test to make the cut. They know EVERYTHING.
I think you might be right abut seeing our group unless we have a case of 2 mistaken shirt identities... As we were going into MIB for the first time that evening I recall seeing that millionare shirt on someone and wondering how they got it... I'll bet that was you! If you looked close you might have seen our MG-CON buttons!
If you recall a short wide lady pushing a boy in a wheelchair near the Spider-shirted-one you know for sure it was us! My son and I sat out the rest of the shootout, but I think the group went through another 3 or 4 times, so if you went on again you had plenty of chances to spot the group, as both MIB and Kelly had Spidey shirts on. Next time say hi!
MIB gave my daughter some great pointers, she came out beaming after making 150,000 on her own for the first time!


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